Academic Support

Front of W M keck science center

The academic environment of the W.M. Keck Science Department, although rigorous and challenging, is overwhelmingly positive and supportive. Post-Bac students enjoy personalized guidance from both faculty and staff to select courses and assess their performance and progress. Group tutoring on evenings and weekends is a popular feature of the program, and Post-Bac and undergraduate students often work together in small study groups. Math review sessions are offered every summer, and students may also utilize the Math Spot tutoring center throughout the academic year.

Most post-bac students take advantage of the following free academic resources:

  • Professor office hours, available typically 2-4 times per week and as requested
  • Keck Science subject-specific group tutoring, available 5 nights a week
  • Weekly problem-solving sessions
  • Free one-on-one peer tutoring, as needed, provided by the Scripps Tutoring Program

Kevin Lu"After attending a large university for my undergraduate studies, I especially appreciated how personal the classes were at Scripps. Professors knew students by name and often ate lunch with them. Office hours, while formally established, were also available on an as-needed basis. It was clear that professors really cared—they patiently spent hours and hours with students."

Kevin Lu, Class of 2016
Hofstra North Shore LIJ School of Medicine, Class of 2020