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Is a Women’s College Right for You?

Research has established that students who study at women’s colleges are more likely to:

  • Graduate in four years or less
  • Major in STEM fields
  • Serve in leadership roles in their college communities
  • Go on to earn graduate degrees
  • Hold corporate leadership positions in their careers

But there are many other reasons to choose a women’s college. Learning in a community of other women encourages collaboration over competition, developing students’ academic and interpersonal skills and promoting open discussion and thoughtful debate in a supportive environment. Students who study at women’s colleges develop the personal skills essential for career success, and are more likely to feel that they’ve made a positive financial investment in their education.

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Is a Liberal Arts College Right for You?

At Scripps, we offer a modern approach to liberal arts through our Core Curriculum; an interdisciplinary program that runs through three semesters and allows students to explore complex issues from multiple perspectives. Far from being solely arts-focused, a liberal arts education is designed to encourage critical thinking and continuous inquiry, developing the analytical, communication, and problem-solving skills that give graduates the cutting edge; no matter their chosen industry. The goal of the liberal arts approach is to provide a depth of understanding that enhances each area of expertise, creating political scientists and psychologists who can consider data from multiple points of view; computer programmers who have a flair for visual detail; and educators who can clearly and effectively articulate complex theories.

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