Admitted Students

Admitted Students

I’ve been admitted to Scripps – how can I learn more before I make my decision?

Scripps offers a wide variety of in-person and virtual programs. Please visit scrippscollege.edu/admit to explore and register for events!

Is Scripps offering an in-person Admitted Student Day?

Yes! Admitted Student Day is Friday, April 12 and will include a full slate of academic sessions, tours, and panels.

I won’t be able to attend Admitted Student Day but would like to visit campus at another time. What are my options?

Scripps also offers weekday visits, receptions in select cities, and two half-day programs called Explore Scripps. You can learn more about all your visit options at scrippscollege.edu/admit.

Is Scripps offering a fly-in program for historically underrepresented students?

Yes! For more information about DIVE Into Scripps, our fly-in program, click here.

I can’t make the trip to Scripps. How can I learn more through virtual events or resources?

A wide range of virtual programs will be offered. Check out scrippscollege.edu/admit to learn more and register for virtual events. We also strongly encourage you to follow @scrippsadmission on IG for event reminders, student take-overs, and helpful info about the Scripps experience. 

I didn’t see a scholarship referenced in my offer of admission. Can I still be considered?

All scholarships are awarded at the time of admission and are referenced in your online notification, along with your letter of admission (mailed). We do not re-award scholarships or consider students in future years.

I have questions about need-based financial aid. Where should I get those answered?

We strongly encourage students to schedule an appointment with a financial aid staff member. Visit the following page for more information.

I’m interested in a gap year (taking a year off between high school and college). How do I request one?

All gap year requests should be sent to [email protected] and the deadline for such requests is June 1. Please note that students on a gap year may not enroll in college courses during that time.

I still have other questions! How can I get those answered?

Feel free to email [email protected] or schedule a phone appointment with an admission counselor here.

Scripps 101 - Your Life on Campus

How will I get involved on campus?

As a small residential community, there are opportunities to get involved in the Scripps campus and The Claremont Colleges through: Scripps clubs, Scripps Associated Students (SAS), Laspa Center for Leadership, 5C Clubs and CMS athletics.

What health and wellness resources exist at Scripps?

Scripps College believes in a comprehensive, holistic approach to promoting the emotional, physical, and mental wellbeing of its students. Please check out the Health and Wellness section below for detailed information.

How do Scripps students find internships?

Career Planning & Resources (CP&R) engages, educates, and empowers students through personalized career counseling, skill building, experiential learning, and up-to-date career planning and readiness technology. The office also works to create on campus recruitment opportunities with the Claremont Colleges and offers drop-in hours.

What does academic support look like at Scripps?

In addition to a faculty advisor, Scripps students are able to access Scripps’ tutoring programs and Writing Center for any course at The Claremont Colleges. More information on accommodations for students with disabilities and contact information for the Academic and Resources staff can be found here.

Are there other resources Scripps students have access to within the Claremont Colleges?

Yes! The Claremont Colleges Services (TCCS) are designed to provide support for students enrolled at the seven colleges. Resources are located among the contiguous campuses and offer campus specific as well as consortial-wide programs, support, and services to augment and enhance students’ academic and psycho-social needs.

What are the student resources and services available through The Claremont Colleges Services (TCCS)?

Where can I learn more about groups on the Scripps campus?

Check out a list of other Scripps resources/services and CLORGs (Scripps lingo for clubs and organizations) here!

Academic Resources and Services

What is Academic Resources and Services?

Academic Resources and Services (ARS) is the department on campus devoted to academic student support. ARS manages academic and housing accommodations, tutoring, academic coaching, general advising and the first-generation at Scripps program for students who are the first in their families to attend a 4-year college or university.

Where is ARS located?

ARS is located on the north side of Kimberly Hall and near the Tiernan Field House

I have academic accommodations in high school, can I get them in college?

Yes. You should start by completing an intake with Bianca Vinci. You can schedule with her by contacting Morgan McCabe at [email protected].

I don’t have academic accommodations, but I think I may need them. Can I get them when I get to college?

Yes. You should start by completing an intake with intake with Bianca Vinci. You can schedule with her by contacting Morgan McCabe at [email protected].

I have more specific questions about academic resources, who should I contact?

You can reach the Department of Academic Resources and Services at [email protected]

What type of academic support will be offered during my time at Scripps other than Academic Resources and Services?

Students will also have access to an Academic Advisor, prior to declaring their major, and their Primary Contact Dean.

Registrar - Credits, Courses, and Registration

Can I receive AP/IB  credit?

For Advanced Placement courses and examinations, scores of four or five on the examination will be considered for credit. For International Baccalaureate courses and examinations, scores of five, six, or seven on higher-level examinations will be considered for credit. A maximum of four such elective course credits will count toward the degree but may not be used toward the 16-course residence requirement.  For more information, click here.

How do I send my AP/IB scores to Scripps?

If you have a sealed copy that has not been tampered with, we will take it and consider it official. Otherwise, you will request for official scores to be sent directly from the testing agency to the Office of the Registrar for evaluation.

How does registration work?

New students are assigned a preregistration time and will have access to registration via their student portal for a 24-hour period to add/drop classes. You can still change your classes during the add/drop period, usually until the 10th day of class. You can learn more about registration here.

What courses will I be required to take?

For a list of our requirements, please click here.

I took some college classes in high school. Will those classes transfer to Scripps?

Perhaps. All transfer credit is evaluated by the Office of the Registrar once you enroll at Scripps. You can learn more about the transfer credit policy here.

What are some important dates for me to keep in mind?

Check out the Academic Calendar for important dates like the first day of class and student breaks.

I’m excited to start taking classes at Scripps! Where can I find course descriptions?

You can find course descriptions here. Be sure to check out the Core classes!

How do I complete my language requirement?

For instructions, please watch the following video.

Career Planning & Resources

How do I find an internship?

In addition to resources available on the Career Planning & Resources website and our Consortium wide internship/job/event portal called Handshake, Scripps CP&R staff are here to help you with your specific internship search. This includes helping you build and expand your network with Scripps alumnae working in your dream organization. CP&R also provides summer internship grant funding for unpaid opportunities.

Do you host on-campus job/internship recruitment events?

Career Planning & Resources hosts on-campus recruiting events throughout the school year including employer information sessions, career fairs, skill-building workshops, and on-campus interviews. One of the benefits of being a student of the Claremont Colleges is that Scripps students can attend any recruitment event happening at any of the 7 Claremont Colleges.

What kind of interaction do current Scripps student have with Scripps alumnae?

Alumnae often return to campus to participate in CP&R’s recruitment events and career panels. Many alumnae outside of the greater Los Angeles area are willing to share their career stories with Scripps students through informational interviews. CP&R staff are here to coach you on how to connect with our alumnae through the Scripps Community Alumnae database and LinkedIn.

Can I apply for an on-campus job?

Both work study and non-work study positions are available at Scripps and throughout many of the Claremont Colleges. On-campus jobs can be found on Handshake and CP&R organizes a Student Employment Fair every fall to help  Scripps students find the perfect on-campus position for them.

Health and Wellness

What wellness programs do you offer?

We offer a comprehensive list of workshops and programs that supports students from a holistic perspective focusing on the eight dimensions of wellness: intellectual, environmental, occupational, physical, social, spiritual, financial, and emotional wellness. Some of our signature programs include Tasty Tuesdays, DeStress Thursdays, and BeWell Fridays. Check out our website to learn more.

What equipment do you have to use?

There is a plethora of functional equipment available for student use including stability balls, dumbbells, yoga mats, blocks, and more. Our cardiovascular equipment includes step mills, treadmills, ellipticals, and stationary bikes. Students can also borrow a variety of equipment, from croquet sets to boxing gloves, soccer balls to hula hoops.

Can men come to the field house?

The field house is open to students of all genders enrolled at the Claremont Colleges with the purchase of a daily pass or membership.

Where can I learn more about PE classes and varsity, club, and intramural sports?

Check out CMS Athletics to learn more about varsity athletics. If something else is more your style, check out the CMS Recreation Instagram for intramural and club sports as well as fitness and wellness classes.

Transfer Applicants

Who is considered a transfer student?

A student who has graduated from high school, enrolled in a degree-seeking program, and has any transferable credits is considered a transfer student.

When can I apply?

Scripps welcomes applicants who wish to transfer in at first-year, sophomore, or junior status.

How does Scripps review transfer applications?

The Admission Committee places considerable weight on the content and quality of the college transcript(s) and college faculty recommendations. Course credit is generally transferable if the prior college is accredited, the course carries a grade of C or better, and the course is comparable to one offered by any of The Claremont Colleges. Students transferring from California colleges or universities are advised to follow the IGETC plan to ensure transferable credits. Scripps will evaluate transfer credit on a case-by-case basis. Transfer applicants are advised to challenge themselves with a range of coursework prior to transferring to Scripps College in order to fulfill our Breadth of Study requirements soon after transferring.

Does Scripps require a certain grade point average for admission?

No, but we recommend that transfer candidates have maintained a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or better at their previous college(s) in order to be considered competitive for admission.

What is the maximum amount of credit allowed from a previous institution(s)?

The maximum amount of credit allowed from previous college work toward a Scripps degree is two years or 16 courses. Transfer students must spend the equivalent of four full-time semesters at Scripps, completing at least 16 courses, in order to receive the B.A. degree from the College.

What should I do if I previously applied to Scripps (either as a first-year or transfer applicant) and I am reapplying?

You must submit the same required materials. If you applied last year, the $60 application fee will be waived. Please contact the Office of Admission with any questions you have about your specific situation.


What test scores does Scripps require for transfer applicants?

As of fall 2021, Scripps adopted a test-optional policy for all students. This means students are no longer required to submit the SAT or ACT. International students for whom English is not their first language must submit the TOEFL, IELTS, or Duolingo English Test.

If I submit SAT/ACT scores, does Scripps superscore across test dates?

Yes, if a student takes the SAT or ACT more than once, we will consider your best score. The best SAT score is determined by combining the highest score received on each section from any combination of testing dates; note that we will not combine subscores from the new and old versions of the SAT. Best ACT score is also determined by combining the highest score received on each section from any combination of testing dates.

If I submit SAT/ACT scores, does Scripps superscore across test dates?

Students who choose to submit SAT or ACT scores as part of their application can send official scores or self-report scores through the Common Application, QuestBridge Application, or through the Self-Reported Test Scores form in the Application Status Portal form checklist. Students who self-report scores as part of their application to Scripps and choose to enroll are required to submit official score reports. If there is a discrepancy between self-reported test scores and official scores, this may affect a student’s offer of admission. Please note that we do notaccept self-reported test scores for the TOEFL, IELTS, or Duolingo English

Does Scripps require the College-Report and Mid-Term Report?

Yes, Scripps College requires that all transfer applicants submit the College Report and the Mid-Term Report. These forms can be found on the Common Application website and should be emailed to [email protected] from a school official or mailed to the Scripps College Office of Admission.


I am an international student. In addition to the required application materials, are there any additional materials I must submit?

Yes, the following materials are also required:

  • Official TOEFL, IELTS, or Duolingo English Test results
  • Official results of any International Baccalaureate or national exams
  • College Board International Student Certification of Finances
  • CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE (if applying for need-based financial aid)
  • Certified English translations of all documents. Please see the International Applicants page for more information.

Can I request to have my TOEFL/IELTS/Duolingo waived?

If your first language is English or the language of instruction at your school is English, you may be eligible for a waiver of the TOEFL/IELTS requirement. After you have submitted your application, email [email protected] with your name, birthdate, the name of your school, and how many years you have been in an English-language classroom environment.

Is housing guaranteed for transfer students?

Scripps College-sponsored housing is available for transfer students . Students will find out the housing accommodations once admitted and admitted transfer students are encouraged to contact the Office of Student Affairs at (909) 621-8277.

Is Scripps a partner with HTCC?

Scripps College is proud to partner with the Honors Transfer Council of California (HTCC). The HTCC negotiates special transfer agreements linking community college honors/scholars programs to specific universities, large or small, public or private. Students completing such programs may enjoy a range of benefits at Scripps, such as priority acceptance consideration. If you are a community college honors program student interested in transferring to Scripps, contact the Office of Admission.