Scripps Clubs and Organizations (CLORGS)

Students in the Pre-Law Society sitting at a table

If you have any questions or would like to start a new CLORG, please reach out to the Office of Student Engagement [email protected]

Cultural/Identity-Based/Religious housed under the Scripps Communities of Resources and Engagement (SCORE) Office

Asian American Sponsorship Program (AASP)

The Asian American Sponsor Program (AASP) is a student-run mentorship organization that provides resources to first-years who identify as APIDA. AASP aims to foster community, leadership, and coalition building by engaging students socially – through facilitation of events, collaboration within Scripps and the greater 5C community, and fostering of leadership and mentorship skills. The Asian American Sponsor Program welcomes and mentors APIDA first years to help create a smoother transition to Scripps!

Instagram: @KickAASP | Contact: [email protected]

Asian American Student Union (AASU)

The Asian American Student Union (AASU) is a political space and resource for Scripps College students who identify as Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA), which includes those of Asian, Asian American, Pacific Islander, Native Hawaiian, Middle Eastern, Alaskan Native, mixed-race, and/or transnational adoptee backgrounds. Through workshops and other events,

AASU strives to build community for APIDA students of all years, make APIDA politics accessible to students, and raise awareness of issues that affect APIDA communities to promote reflection, dialogue, and action. AASU seeks to strengthen communities at Scripps College and across the 5Cs, helping members build relationships with each other and with other students of color. We hope to build awareness of Asian American histories and current issues, and how they relate to the histories and issues of other people of color to create a more equitable campus environment.

Instagram: @ScrippsAASU | Contact: [email protected]


Our purpose is to support, empower, and grow the community of students who identify as mixed race/ethnicity, transracial adoptees and/or third culture students at Scripps college. Through discussion, art, and education, we intend to provide a space that students will feel welcome to be their whole selves in. As Scripps’s Mixed Race Affinity group, we are a collection of different communities! We’re a space full of arts, crafts, and conversation about what it’s like to belong to more than one culture.

Instagram: @BlendScripps | Contact: [email protected]

Café Con Leche (CCL)

Café con Leche seeks to provide a forum for the discussion of social, political, and economic issues that affect folks, particularly those of Latinx decent at Scripps College. We intend to raise awareness of diversity and its implications in our immediate community and surrounding areas. Café con Leche also hopes to provide a supportive and encouraging community to Latinx identifying students as they commence or continue their Scripps college experience. We continually work to be an intersectional community, where Latinx folks of all backgrounds and walks of life are welcomed and embraced. One of the primary pillars of CCL is to serve our Latinx community at Scripps and provide space to get to know and appreciate one another as well as support each other’s college journey.

Instagram: @CafeConLecheSCR | Contact: [email protected]


Our mission is to create a space at Scripps College to celebrate queer identity and community. We hope to foster queer joy with fun social events and engage in activism on campus and in the greater LA area. Family is a communal space organized by and for queer students. Celebrating our beautiful identities always.

Instagram: @FamilyatScripps | Contact: [email protected]

Scripps International Community (SIC)

The programme intends to cater to foreign passport holders/visa-holding students, cross- cultural/third culture kids, and U.S. passport holders/permanent residents/green card holders who have lived abroad and consider themselves to be on the international student spectrum, regardless of citizenship. SIC will support students academically with regards to classes, classroom experience, faculty/staff-student relationships, and academic and administrative resources. SIC will aim to ease social experiences by providing a welcoming and safe space for community-building and open dialogue. It will also encourage collaborations and transitions with regards to clubs/organizations, programming, events, and workshops.

Instagram: @Scripps.International | Contact: [email protected]

Scripps Kehillah

The mission of Scripps Kehillah is to create a space in which Jews and non-Jews alike can come together and have open discussions and dialogues. This group intends to erase stigmas, break stereotypes, and to encourage students to explore the uncomfortable aspects of Jewish debate on campus. Kehillah exists as a safe space for Jewish students to relax and engage with culture and each other in a casual setting. Additionally, Kehillah functions as a Jewish Student Union and advocates for the needs of Jewish students at Scripps

Instagram: @scrippskehillah | Contact: [email protected]

Scripps Questbridge Chapter

This organization wishes to encourage first-generation and/or low-income students to graduate successfully from Scripps College by creating a singular place where officially recognized Quest Scholars-along with their allies-can navigate educational, professional, and personal growth opportunities. This club is open to Scripps Students affiliated with QuestBridge, low-income students, and first-generation communities on campus.

Instagram: @ Scripps_questbridge | Contact: [email protected]

Watu Weusi

Watu Weusi functions as a collective to support people of African descent at Scripps College, and beyond, in endeavors of socio-political, cultural, personal, and spiritual existence and resistance. As such, we shall strive to champion the rights of communities who have been historically oppressed. We shall strive to foster empowerment of students of African descent by encouraging our members to critically engage with the legacies of our history and black feminist liberation. We’re here to serve as a community for all Black-identifying students at Scripps and aim to support all aspects of your well-being.

Instagram: @Watu.Weusi | Contact: [email protected]



Anthropology Society

The mission of the Scripps Anthropology Society is to provide a space for Anthropology majors and minors at Scripps, as well as anyone with an interest in Anthropology or ethnography, to share information about the department, collaborate on academic work, and build community within the department. We aim to enhance the inclusivity and collaborative atmosphere of the Scripps Anthropology Department.

Instagram: @Scrippsanthropology | Contact: [email protected]

Scripps Code

Interested in Computer Science, Data Science, and everything in between? Join our club for community and opportunity at Scripps. To provide community and academic/professional support for all Scripps students majoring, minoring, or interested in coding and computing related fields.

Instagram: @ScrippsCode |Contact: [email protected]

Scripps College Economics Society (SCES)

The mission of SCES is to connect current (and prospective) economics majors with the economics faculty at Scripps College. We aim to provide pre-professional resources and a sense of community to current and prospective economics students.

Instagram: @SCEconSociety | Contact: [email protected]

Scripps College Mock Trial

Scripps College Mock Trial allows undergraduates to engage in trial simulations and competitions with teams from other institutions, students develop critical thinking and public speaking skills as well as knowledge of legal procedures. Join Scripps Mock Trial to learn legal and public speaking skills and bond with an amazing group of Scripps students!

Instagram: @ScrippsCollegeMock | Contact: [email protected]

Scripps Pre-Law Society (SPLS)

The Scripps Pre-Law Society is a pre-professional organization that seeks to support students who are considering a career in law. SPLS seeks to foster connections between pre-law students and connect them to resources that can help them work towards a legal career. This organization is founded for the purpose of improving our undergraduate’s comprehension of the study and practice of law. Furthermore, the Scripps College Pre-Law Society strives to assemble and manage networking opportunities with other potential future lawyers, alumnae in the field, and the broader legal community.

Instagram: @ScrippsPreLawSociety | Contact: [email protected]

Scripps Psi Chi

The mission of Scripps Psi Chi is to promote fellowship amongst students interested in psychology. This mission is achieved by hosting informative events about courses, professors, and various opportunities on and near campus, bringing researchers and alumnae to campus, and facilitating communication and building relationships between the psychology faculty and students. Members of the group also serve as resources for other members. In addition, SPC is a chapter of an international honor society (Psi Chi, that functions to encourage, stimulate, and maintain excellence in scholarship of the individual members in all fields, particularly in psychology, and to advance the science of psychology. Our parent organization’s mission is to produce well-educated, ethical, and socially responsible members committed to contributing to the science and profession of psychology and to society in general.

Instagram: @ScrippsCollegePsiChi | Contact: [email protected]

Scripps Student Investment Fund (SSIF)

The Scripps Student Investment Fund was started in 1972 with a $50,000 donation by former trustee Mary Wig ’35. Her intention was to create a club where Scripps students can increase financial literacy and directly engage in financial markets. Since then, the SIF, which includes students from every major and discipline, has grown that seed money into a $500,000 portfolio through closely monitored, long-term investments. The mission of the Student Investment Fund is three-fold: first, we seek to learn the essentials of investing through the management of our stock portfolio; second, through active portfolio management, we attempt to achieve a high rate of return and growth on our investments; and third, through our Annual Distribution, we allocate four to six percent of our total portfolio value to various student organizations of the Scripps College community.

Instagram: @Scripps_SIF | Contact: [email protected]



Babes & Blankets

The purpose of Babes and Blankets is to provide a place of community and relaxation for Scripps students through gathering on a weekly basis to knit and crochet. Babes and Blankets intends to share the skill of knitting and crocheting by teaching new members. In addition, members may create handmade knit and crochet items to donate. Learn how to knit and crochet or bring what you know to this fun community of friends! Watch movies while you work on your projects and connect with other fiber artists.

Instagram: @Babes_and_Blankets | Contact: [email protected]

Claremont Cinematic Universe (CCU)

The Claremont Cinematic Universe is a space for all superhero fans to gather and collectively appreciate everything MCU, DC, and so much more. The mission of CCU shall be to create a space for the 5C community to gather and share an appreciation of the superhero genre (with a focus on the Marvel Cinematic Universe) through discussions, film screenings, comic book readings, and possible conventions/outings.

Instagram: @ScrippsCCU | Contact: [email protected]

Ocean Initiative Club (OIC)

The OIC is dedicated to educating the Scripps community about ocean preservation and conservation, while providing a supporting and fun environment for all ocean lovers of every background. OIC is a fun club where people interested in the ocean and passionate about sustainability can come together to do fun activities both at the beach and on campus where they can learn about conservation!

Instagram: @ScrippsOIC | Contact: [email protected]

Scripps BlackCraft

Scripps BlackCraft is a safe space for black creatives to learn new skills and meet with each other. We will support the students financially and emotionally and give them a space to create outside of class. Learn and grow your artistic skills while being supported along every step.

Instagram: @SC_BCraft |Contact: [email protected]

Scripps Cheese Club

Do you feel that there is a distinct lack of cheese in your life? Join Scripps Cheese club to enjoy cheese and meeting similarly cheese-minded people. We want to bring together the Scripps community with a shared love of cheese. We aspire to facilitate a welcoming space where Scrippsies can enjoy cheese together.

Instagram: @Scripps_Cheese |Contact: [email protected]


Casual Swim Club

The Casual Swim Club is dedicated to providing a supportive community for students to exercise, destress, gain confidence, and have fun through swimming. We saw a community of former swimmers with no swim programs to participate in, feeling too slow or under qualified for Varsity swim programs and feeling too “out of shape” to sign up for swim conditioning classes or just unable to find the pool schedule. The Casual Swim Club is an approachable program for swimmers at every level looking to socialize, exercise and maybe even improve while having fun at the pool.

Instagram: @CasualSwimClub | Contact: [email protected]

Outdoor Wilderness Leaders (OWL)

The mission of OWL is to provide a supportive environment where students can have fun, challenge themselves, and take initiatives in a community of people who love the outdoors. Scripps OWL offers students opportunities to explore the outdoors with students across the 5Cs in a supportive, inclusive environment!

Instagram: @ScrippsOWL |Contact: [email protected]

Scripps Student Garden

The Scripps Student Garden is a student run program centered on the vegetable beds located behind Browning and herb ring and grill area located south of the rose garden. Both serve as a community space and edible garden for all to enjoy. Our mission is to maintain and promote these resources through weekly gardening meetings, organizing the resident hall compost program, and hosting workshops and sustainability centered events in these spaces. We also work closely with a local community garden, Huerta del Valle, organizing weekly volunteer trips. We strive to encourage students to utilize current green programs and expand their knowledge of environmental practices on and off campus.

Instagram: @ScrippsStudentGarden | Contact: [email protected]



The Scripps Voice

The Scripps Voice hopes to continue the tradition of outspoken feminist journalism that our school’s namesake, Ellen Browning Scripps, was known for. At the same time, we aim to adjust our feminist lens for a newer, more intersectional era. More than a paper promoting neutrality and objectivity, we want to be a platform for radical voices, creative perspectives, marginalized identities, and uncompromising activism. Student journalism is crucial in today’s social and political climate and we want to be leading the movement towards truth and justice.

Instagram: @ScrippsVoice | Contact: [email protected]