Advising and Workshops

Professor working with postbac student to hone understanding of basic science coursework and laboratory techniques

Staff and faculty assist students with the following:

  • Researching volunteer opportunities
  • Consultation on letters of recommendation
  • Advising for medical school applications and career preparation

Valuable time is spent sharing information about the medical school application process and procedures. Students are encouraged to meet with the program director and faculty advisor throughout the year to discuss their journey through the Post-Bac Program as well as their applications to healthcare professional school.

We also sponsor talks and information sessions throughout the academic year, in which we bring in medical professionals and recent graduates of the Post-Bac Program who help advise students preparing for interviews, the MCAT, and the application process. Upon completion of the program, students benefit tremendously from a detailed committee letter of recommendation written by our faculty advisor. If students do not link with a medical school, our staff continues to advise and support them with the application process during the glide year. Due to the small size of the Scripps post-bac program, our experienced advisors are able to provide extensive one-on-one advising to help promote student success in the program and beyond.

Each year the post-bac program coordinates a series of presentations and workshops for students. This past year’s presentations included:

  • MMI (multiple mini interview) workshop with post-bac alumni attending UC Riverside School of Medicine
  • Midwestern University at Arizona, D.O. information session with program alumni
  • Wellness seminar for staying healthy during the post-bac year and medical school
  • Linkage presentations by alumni at each of the linkage schools
  • Using the MSAR to research medical schools
  • Filling out the AMCAS application to medical schools
  • MCAT Q&A with program alumni
  • Financial aid and paying for medical school
  • Choosing a medical specialty hosted by local physicians
  • The journey through medical school, residency and beyond

In addition to these Post-Bac Program seminars, students have access to meetings and workshops hosted by all Claremont Schools, which have included:

  • UCLA School of Medicine information session
  • UC Riverside School of Medicine information session
  • Western Michigan University School of Medicine information session
  • Mock MMI workshop
  • Glide year student panel
  • Accepted to medical school student panel
  • Choosing a list of medical schools
  • D.O. information session
  • Surgery interest panel
  • Claremont College Health & Science Professions Fair