Typical Week

Two people wearing lab goggles and looking at papers while working at a lab table.

The Scripps post-bac curriculum is broken down into one year. During the first summer, students will take two semesters of general chemistry and biology. During the fall semester, they will take one semester each of vertebrate physiology, organic chemistry and physics. The following spring, they will take one semester of biochemistry, organic chemistry and physics.

The program can be adjusted based of individual students needs. For example, if a student has already taken introductory biology, it can be substituted for an upper-division class. These accommodations will be discussed with your adviser before the school year begins.

Along with class and lab, post-bac students are volunteering at least four hours a week, doing MCAT preparation, and attending workshops provided by the program. It is essential to practice excellent time management while attending this program.

Typical Week

While every post-bac’s schedule is different, this is an example selection of what a typical week would look like for each portion of the program.