NSPO Frequently Asked Questions


Who do I contact if I have NSPO Questions?

What will be the primary form of communication between the school and I?

  • The school will utilize your personal email until your Student email is available. Once your student email is available, this will  be the primary way the school will get in contact with you. Please make sure you set up your student email as soon as it is available and check it regularly.

Are First Year Students allowed to have a car on campus?

  • First year students are Not allowed to have cars on campus, unless approved by the Dean of Students Office for accommodations or special circumstances.
  • Students requesting an exception will need to reach out to the Director of Campus Life to initiate their request.
  • Students approved to bring a car to campus are required to register their vehicle with Campus Safety. Visit the Campus Safety website to learn more about the process
  • Students who have Not been approved and bring a vehicle to campus are at risk of having their vehicle ticketed or towed at the students expense.

When should I receive an email to set up my Scripps Student Email?

  • You should receive an email to set your student email up in May 2023. For more information on when and how to set up your email please contact Information Technology. You can access their page by clicking here.

Who do I contact about class registration?

Arriving to Campus for NSPO


What day is move in for NSPO?

  • August 22, 2023

Where do I pick up my key?

  • Honnold gates (11th Street)

Where do I park once I pick up my key?

  • Please park in Scripps Designated spaces. Please be mindful and do not park in Staff/Faculty designated spaces as these spots will be used through out the day of move in and you could be at risk of being towed.

I never submitted my photo for my Student ID, what do I do?

  • Your student ID is what is used to gain access to the residential halls, without it you will not be able to gain access to move in. Prior to picking up your keys, please stop by “Connections” in the Honnold Mudd Library and let them know that you are a Scripps Student who needs a Student ID. They will take a photo of you and issue you your student ID.