Academic Calendar

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(dates subject to change)

Fall 2021 Semester

Date Event
August 17 & 18 New student registration
August 30 Classes Begin
September 6 Labor Day (observed); no classes in session
September 13 Deadline to add a class; all course fees final
October 16-19 Fall Break (Sat-Tues); no classes in session
October 21 Last day to drop a class without record
November 5 Senior Major/Minor Forms due to Registrar
November 12 Deadline to notify Registrar’s Office of return from leave in order to participate in pre-registration for spring 2022
November 16-19 Pre-registration for spring 2022 (Tues-Thurs)
November 19 Last day to withdraw from a course or request pass/fail or audit grading
November 24-28 Thanksgiving Break (Wed-Sun)
December 9-10 Reading Days* (Thurs-Fri);– no classes held at Scripps
December 13-17 Final Exams (Mon-Fri) and end of fall 2021 semester
December 23 Final grades due to Registrar’s Office
January 5 Fall 2021 grades visible to students on the portal

Spring 2022 Semester

Date Event
January 17 Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday (observed)
January 18 Classes Begin
January 31 Last day to add a class
March 10 Last day to drop a class without record
March 12-20 Spring Break (Sat through the following Sun)
March 25 César Chávez Holiday (Observed)
April 11 Junior Major Declaration Forms Due
April 15 Last day to withdraw from a course or request pass/fail or audit grading
April 19-21 Pre-registration for Fall 2022
May 2 Senior Grading Deadline
May 4 Last day of classes for spring 2022
May 5-6 Reading days* (Thurs-Fri); no classes in session
May 5 Capstone Day
May 9-13 Final exams and end of spring 2022 semester
May 14 Commencement
May 19 All grades due to the Registrar
May 24 Grades visible on the portal


*Thursday and Friday of the last week of classes each semester are normally designated as Reading Days.  Classes at Scripps are suspended for fall Reading Days, and suspended at the 5Cs for spring Reading Days, but professors may hold study sessions, critique sessions, or reviews. No new material may be introduced at these sessions and no exams may be given on Reading Days except to second-semester seniors.