Transfer Credit FAQ


Scripps accepts transfer credit for undergraduate liberal arts courses comparable to those offered at the undergraduate Claremont Colleges (e.g., art history, psychology, economics, anthropology, history, politics, literature, etc.) from regionally accredited colleges and universities (including community colleges), in which letter grades of C or better are earned. In other words, if the discipline is taught at the undergraduate Claremont Colleges, we can consider it for transfer credit.

What don’t we accept? Vocational and technical courses, graduate-level courses, and courses in disciplines such as business and marketing, animal husbandry, automotive repair, etc. (because those aren’t taught at the 5Cs).

Does Scripps accept transfer credit?

Yes, from regionally accredited colleges and universities in the US.

Can transfer credit satisfy my GEs?

Yes, we allow this. Refer to the GE Guidelines to see how we define our requirements to inform your decisions.

Will transfer credit satisfy my major/minor requirements?

With approval from your major/minor adviser, it may. If it is approved, be sure to include the course(s) on your senior major declaration form.

How much credit will I get?

We will convert the credit to Scripps credit: 4 semester credits = 1.0 Scripps, 3 semester credits=.75 Scripps, etc. Quarter credits convert on a 6:1 ratio.

From which colleges/universities does Scripps accept transfer credit?

Regionally accredited colleges and universities. This includes community colleges and state and regional universities (both public and private).

Is there a form I need to fill out for transfer credit?

Yes. The transfer credit form is found here.

I am on leave of absence from Scripps. Can I take classes nearby and transfer the credit back to Scripps?

Yes, you may. Liberal arts undergraduate courses taken at regionally accredited colleges and universities in which letter grades of C or better can transfer back to Scripps.

Do I need my adviser’s approval for transfer credit?

Not for GE or pure elective credit, but if you intend to use the transfer credit toward your major or minor, you will need your major/minor adviser’s approval.

Do I need department approval for transfer credit?

For some GE requirements, you’ll need special approval. Natural science requires Keck faculty approval; race and ethnic studies and gender and women’s studies GE require a separate petition process. Those petitions can be found here.

How is credit converted into Scripps courses?

Semester credits: 4:1 ratio (4 semester credits=1.0 Scripps, 3 semester credits=.75 Scripps, etc.,); quarter credits: 6:1 ratio (6 quarter credits=1.0 Scripps, 5 quarter credits= .84 Scripps, etc.).

Will transfer credit impact my GPA?

Transfer credit does not impact your Scripps GPA.

How is credit converted from a quarter system? A semester system?

Semester credits: 4:1 ratio (4 semester credits=1.0 Scripps, 3 semester credits=.75 Scripps, etc.,); quarter credits: 6:1 ratio (6 quarter credits=1.0 Scripps, 5 quarter credits= .84 Scripps, etc.).

The class I’m considering is 3 semester credits. Will it satisfy a requirement?

Three semester credits (or four quarter credits) is the minimum required to satisfy a degree requirement, but it will convert to less than 1.0 full course. Keep in mind that all requirements might be met, but you need at least 32.0 courses to graduate, not 31.75.

Is there a limit to transfer credit?

Up to 4.0 courses equivalent over the summer; up to 16.0 total allowed. Your final eight courses must be taken in residence while enrolled at Scripps; you can’t transfer in credit during your senior year because a student’s final 8 courses must be completed in residence.

I am considering a summer class at Pitzer or HMC. What do I need to know?

Summer school at the 5Cs is considered resident credit and grades earned will factor into your Scripps GPA. We don’t do cross-registration during summer, so you’ll need to apply directly through those schools, and the billing is separate, too.

Will Scripps summer courses satisfy my degree requirements?

Yes, summer courses offered through Scripps (and any other of the 5Cs) will satisfy any requirement they normally would during the academic year.

Will summer school at the 5Cs impact my GPA?

Yes, grades earned in summer school at the 5Cs will factor into your Scripps GPA.

What do I do after I complete the classes elsewhere?

After you’ve completed the course(s), have an official transcript sent to the Scripps College Office of the Registrar. We’ll review the transcript and record transfer credit as appropriate.

Is there a list of schools from which you accept transfer credit?

We don’t maintain a list, but any regionally accredited college, university, or community college in the US can be considered for transfer credit.

What happens if a I earn a C minus or lower at another school?

Credit will not be transferred for courses in which you earn grades of C minus or lower. Letter grades A–D earned at any of the 5C’s summer school classes will be recorded as resident credit and factor into your GPA.

Can I earn transfer credit abroad?

Scripps does not allow transfer credit during the academic year from schools outside the United States. Summer courses taken abroad can be considered via petition. Contact the Registrar for more information.