Residential Life Information

Please check back regularly for updates as times and dates are subject to change. 

Navigating living at Scripps

We are excited to welcome you to Scripps Campus.  Scripps campus is a beautiful place to learn and grow. We hope to make this transition to college life as smooth as possible by providing you with some vital information that can assist you with living on campus. Please read the information below and if you have any questions please reach out to us via email or phone:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 909-607-9262

Housing Questionnaire

New students are required to complete the questionnaire to receive a housing assignment for the 2024-2025 academic year. Students can expect to receive an email from NSPO in their student email prompting them to go to the Student Housing Portal to fill out the questionnaire on (TBD). Students will need to complete and submit the questionnaire before 11:59 pm PST on (TBD) in order to be placed in Scripps Sponsored Housing. The information provided will allow our staff to place you in a room with someone that aligns with the responses you shared. Our questionnaire can be found on the housing portal (Scripps network credentials required). Students will be notified of their housing placement in mid-July.

Pre-Packing Tips

As you prepare to pack up, please be mindful that you are sharing space with others. If you plan to shop for things before you arrive, consider ordering online and have them picked up at store near Scripps College or shipped to your campus address. You can also forgo shopping at home and pick up what you need once you arrive.

We want you to feel comfortable and “at home” in your room at Scripps. To help you plan what to bring, here is a list of what is included in the residential halls and all Scripps sponsored housing for each student:

Rooms (each student will have the following):

  • Bed Frame
  • Mattress (twin extra-long)
  • Two drawer dresser
  • Desk
  • Desk lamp
  • Closet or armoire

It is important to note that the above items cannot be removed from their spaces. These items have been approved by the state as fitting the guidelines of the space.

All traditional residential halls will have a kitchen with the following:

  • Stove (electric)
  • Refrigerator
  • Microwave

To assist you with this transition we have created a list of what to bring and what not to bring to campus to help you with packing. You can find the list by clicking here.



Scripps does not offer storage units/pods for students over the summer. Students will have to arrange their own storage units/pods for Spring Closing.

Guidelines for having a Storage Pod delivered to Campus:

· Storage pods can only stay for a maximum of 72 hours on campus.

· Pods can only be placed on Platt Blvd in a Scripps parking space and cannot block street traffic.

  • Students will need to communicate these guidelines to the storage company they choose.

Here are some storage options for students:

It is important to note that we are providing a list of local storage facilities for your convenience, however, we cannot endorse the quality or level of security at each facility as Scripps College is not affiliated with any of these  storage facilities.

Storage Pod services:

Box-N-Go : 855-991-6676

Storage Valet : 877-798-2538

PODS Moving & Storage : 877-770-7637

Supreme Storage Containers : 909-764-3522

Here are some helpful storage facility search sites:


Each student is assigned a personal mailbox. Your mailbox number can be found on your housing portal, where you view your housing placement. For additional information on how to ship and receive packages please click here: NSPO Mail Room PDF. The Mail room can begin accepting packages from first years and transfer students beginning TBD.


Each residence hall has a with a laundry room, equipped with washers and dryers. Laundry services is $1.00 for washers and 50 cents for dryers. Our machines are not coin operated. All students should add money (i.e. Claremont Cash) to their student ID to access in-hall laundry services.

Claremont Cash

Claremont Cash can be used to purchase both food and non-food items throughout The Claremont Colleges, as well as local merchants in and around Claremont. All students, faculty and staff of The Claremont Colleges have a Claremont Cash account established as soon as their ID card is created. To access your Claremont Cash account, please click here.


First year students are not allowed to have cars on campus, unless approved by the Dean of Students Office for accommodations or special circumstances. The first year is a time for students to be on campus and within the consortium connecting and engaging across campus. Students requesting an exception will need to reach out to the Office of Residential Life to initiate their request. You can reach out to the Office of Residential Life via email at : [email protected].  Please note that due to construction and the proximity of the other colleges parking is very limited. Students approved to bring a car to campus are required to register their vehicle with Campus Safety. Visit the Campus Safety website to learn more about the process.

Winter Break & Summer Break Housing

Scripps does not offer Winter Break or Summer Break Housing. Students should plan accordingly for both of these breaks as all Scripps housing closes for both of these breaks.

NSPO Housing FAQ

Who do I contact if I have housing questions? 

You would contact the Residential Life office. You can email them at [email protected]

Are First Year students required to live on campus?

All First Year students will be placed in traditional residential housing.

How do I apply for housing as a First-Year student?

Incoming First Year students and transfer students will receive an email from NSPO to their student email accounts on TBD, with a link to the housing portal to complete a First Year Housing Questionnaire. Please make sure to submit your questionnaire by 11:59pm PST on TBD. Please note that this email will be sent to the student email of the incoming student, not the personal email.

How much is housing at Scripps?

Please visit the Student Accounts page for more information on housing fees. All rooms, apartments, and houses are the same fee.

What types of rooms are available to First Year students?

First Year students typically live in three-person rooms(triples). Single rooms and doubles are rarely given to first year students. If you need a single room due to medical conditions, please get in touch with Academic Resources and Services (ARS) to see about a housing accommodation.

What is included in the rooms? 

Each student will have the following in their rooms:

  • Bed Frame
  • Mattress (twin extra-long)
  • Two drawer dresser
  • Desk
  • Desk lamp
  • Closet or armoire

Can I bring my own bed?

Students cannot bring in their own bed or mattress. Students are provided a bed frame and mattress that meets the requirements of the state. If a student needs to make a change to what is provided due to a health concern, they must reach out to Academic Resources and Services and request a housing accommodation.

How will I know who I am living with?

First Year students will be matched with a roommate(s) based on their First Year Housing Questionnaire. Students will be able to see their roommates in the housing portal early to mid-July.

How do I change my room assignment?

There is a two-week moratorium period for all students once they arrive to campus. After the first two weeks of class, students may apply for a room change request HERE. Requests may not be made prior to the academic year, and the form will be active starting after the two-week moratorium. Ig is important to note that the room change request form places the student on a waitlist for room. All room changes are based on availability and are not guaranteed.

What are the measurements of the rooms?

All rooms are unique and have varying sizes and dimensions. We suggest that students bring a tape measurer to assist them with taking measurements upon arrival and refrain from buying or bringing anything that needs a specific amount of space. For room layouts, students can download the floor plans in the housing portal for an idea of what the space will look like.

How can I change my meal plan?

Students may make a meal plan change request by submitting a request via the Meal Plan Change form which is available the first two weeks of classes. The form will be available on the Residential Life page located in the Inside Scripps site.  Meal plan change requests must be submitted prior to January,29, 2024 . Students who live on-campus are required to have a 12,14, 16 or 19 meal plan.  Information about meal plan packages can be found on the Student Accounts site.

Does Scripps allow alcohol on Campus? 

Students over the age of 21 are allowed to have alcohol in their spaces and are expected to follow the guidelines outlined in the Guide to Student life regarding alcohol usage.

Does Scripps offer storage over the summer break?

Scripps does not offer storage over the summer break. Students will have to arrange their own means of storage by either taking their items to a nearby storage facility or arrange for a storage pod to be delivered to Campus. A quick google search can assist students in finding a Storage vendor that works them.

What are the guidelines for a storage pod on campus?

  • Storage pods can only stay for a maximum of 48 hours on campus.
  • Pods can only be placed on Platt Ave in a Scripps parking space and cannot block street traffic.
  • Pods placed in unauthorized locations will be removed and any incurred charges will be billed to the student.

Does Scripps Offer Summer Housing ? 

Scripps does not offer summer housing over the summer break.

Does Scripps Offer Winter Break Housing? 

Scripps does not offer Winter Break Housing.