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Congratulations on your student being accepted to Scripps College! Whether this is your first time sending your student off to college or you’ve had a few practice runs this page is a one-stop shop for Parents and Supporters of Scripps Students to have your most frequently thought about questions answered and to prepare you and your student for life during college.

Starting Off

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) protects the privacy of every student enrolled at Scripps College; because of this federal law we are unable to provide student information to anyone other than the student.

Covid-19 Precautions:   For more information on how Scripps College is keeping its students safe please click here.

Please Note that First Year Students are not allowed to have cars on Campus

First year students are not allowed to have cars on campus, unless approved by the Dean of Students Office for accommodations or special circumstances. The first year is a time for students to be on campus and within the consortium connecting and engaging across campus. Students requesting an exception will need to reach out to the Director of Campus Life to initiate their request. Please note that due to construction and the close proximity of the other colleges parking is very limited. Students approved to bring a car to campus are required to register their vehicle with Campus Safety. Visit the Campus Safety website to learn more about the process.

Frequently Asked Questions: Parents & Supporters Edition

How can I help my student be successful during their time at Scripps?

  • Know Scripps resources to relay to your student but let them take the initiative.
  • If your student has a concern, encourage your student to talk to their roommate/suitemate, meet with their Resident Coordinator (RC)Community Coordinator (CC), or professional staff. We can assist them in navigating the problem.
  • Encourage your student to be proactive about housing information such as Room Selection, closing of the Residence Halls, and leadership opportunities available on campus.
  • Discuss safety and security with your student. (Locking their door, locking their bike, Campus Safety escort service, etc.)
  • Partner with us! Contact our housing team with any questions or concerns.

What are the biggest adjustments during the first year?

Homesickness and leaving the family behind are challenges during the first year. Students indicate that it helps if family members keep in close contact by phone, e-mail, sending care packages and letters. Other items that make them smile are pictures, holiday cards, and maybe a Starbucks giftcard that will come in handy around midterms and finals. Another area of adjustment is having a roommate and all aspects of sharing the space–especially if your student is accustomed to having his/her own room. The academic pace can be an adjustment since most Scripps College students were successful in high school. This environment can be more competitive. Finally, going home again can be challenging because everyone has changed–the student, the family, friends, as well as the community.

When is the best time to travel home for the first time?

Students recommend that new students wait a couple months before going home for the first time, citing Thanksgiving to be a good goal. Being here allows students to connect and thrive within the Scripps community. Holiday breaks are also great opportunities to travel home with new friends.

How safe is the campus/Claremont?

We are fortunate to be in a safe community, but it is always important to use good common sense regarding personal and property safety.  Campus Safety is available 24 hours per day to patrol and respond to security issues.  Students should always lock room doors, carry their key/ID card.  It is advisable to close windows when leaving the room.  Personal property should not be left unattended and cars should always be locked.  When walking at night or traveling in the Claremont area it is important to either have a companion and/or make sure someone is aware of your plans.  Scripps College maintains strict conduct expectations for students and guests that are in place for safety and privacy reasons.

Scripps College, in collaboration with the Claremont University Consortium, created a LiveSafe app for our community. LiveSafe is a free personal safety mobile application for students, staff, faculty, and the community to engage in two-way conversation with Campus Safety. LiveSafe is available to download on iPhone or Android devices.

LiveSafe Information

LiveSafe is an optional application that community members can use to share information, tips, and safety concerns with Campus Safety via text messaging, including picture video, and audio attachments, or even through live chat. Although LiveSafe does not replace contacting 911 or Campus Safety in a life threatening or emergent situation, it does allow users reporting at their fingertips.


Report Tips- Allows users to report accidents, assault/abuse, disturbances, drugs/alcohol, harassment, mental health concerns, suspicious activity, theft, vandalism, suggestions, and other concerns

Emergency Options- Contact 911, message or call Campus Safety

Stay Safe- Safe walk with a friend (of your choosing) or request a safety escort from Campus Safety

Safety Map- Find the closest safety location to your current location on a live time campus map

For more information about the LiveSafe application and how it connects to our community, please visit the CUC site here:

What is the mailing address for students?

Each student is assigned a campus mail box number and combination.  When a student receives a package they will be emailed notification to bring their student ID to the mailroom to pick up their package. These items can be picked up Monday-Friday between the hours of 8:00am – 5:00pm during the academic year. If they are living in Summer Housing items can be picked up between 8am-4:30pm

The Scripps mailing address is:

(Student’s Legal Name)

Scripps College 345 E 9th St. # (assigned mailbox #)

Claremont, CA 91711

ATM Locations:

Chase ATM – Pomona Campus – Smith Campus Center

Bank Of America ATM – 170 E 6th st

Citibank ATM – 405 W Foothill Blvd

U.S. Bank – 393 W Foothill Blvd

Wells Fargo ATM – 550 Baseline Rd