How CP&R Helps Students Transition to Professional Life

From first to final day at Scripps College, the Career Planning & Resources (CP&R) Center helps students succeed with one of their most important transitions: the one from undergraduate life to life after Scripps. With a variety of services available that forge relationships with companies, grant internships, find jobs, and more, CP&R may be the most valuable resource on campus outside the classroom.

“Since Scripps students create their own paths after graduation, CP&R helps each alum identify and pursue an opportunity in an individualized way,” says Vicki Klopsh, the center’s director. “One student might want counseling about grad school and another may require a mock case interview to prepare for a job in consulting. No matter what path they want to take, we make sure to help when students are ready—and in a way that works for them.”

CP&R also actively engages with sophomores and first years; in 2014-2015, more than 92% of first-year students sought the advice of career counselors.

“I visited CP&R as a first-year to tell the staff my preliminary interests,” says Anna Sido ’15. “With that information, they emailed me related job opportunities over the years. As a senior, they’ve helped me prepare for informational interviews, and I feel more confident networking.”

CP&R’s guidance yields exceptional results. More than 50 percent of Scripps College graduates begin work within three months at nationally and internationally recognized companies ranging from Google to Deloitte Consulting to 21st Century Fox. An additional 20 percent pursue graduate degrees within a year of commencement. And although each class has less than 275 students, , eight percent  receive highly competitive post-graduate fellowships or grants each year.

Most importantly, many alumnae return to campus to search for new talent, network with current students, and help their peers succeed by participating in career development workshops. Daysha Edewi ’14, now a member of Buzzfeed’s video team, has already participated in two Scripps career panels since she graduated.

“Helping people reach their fullest potential has always been a passion of mine,” Edewi says. “As a student, I loved attending all the career workshops Scripps had to offer, so I figured leading workshops as an alum would be a great way for me to give back and show what I learned.”

“CP&R is one of my favorite resources on campus,” she continues. “They were always there for me when I needed them, and I owe a lot of my success today to the amazing staff who were all so patient and willing to help me find what it is I love to do and pursue it passionately.”

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