Assessment and Institutional Research

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A&IR Foundational Statements Document  &  Visual


[Defined as: If we are successful, what is ideal?]

The Office of Assessment and Institutional Research advances Scripps College’s mission and strategic plan by fostering a campus culture of evidence-based planning and decision-making to enhance the experience and support the success of all Scrippsstakeholders.



[Defined as: What are we setting out to do as an office/is our purpose?]

The Office of Assessment and Institutional Research serves Scripps College’s data needs by compiling, collecting, and reporting accurate data both for internal stakeholders and external reporting bodies. We collaborate with other Scripps offices and across the Claremont Colleges as appropriate to facilitate timely and transparent data reporting. We work too with other Scripps offices to provide assessment and evaluation data for courses, student learning outcomes, and program effectiveness. We provide guidance to colleagues around all aspects of assessment cycles, including data analysis and interpretation, helping colleagues to pull insights and to gain value from findings.

At the heart of our work is integrity and best practices around protection of the data of our stakeholders, including data privacy and confidentiality, especially for Scripps students.  Through our mission we connect both to the mission and strategic plan of Scripps College and to the vision of the office itself.



[Defined as: What’s important to us as an office/embedded in all we do?] 

  • Integrity
  • Clarity
  • Collaboration
  • [Promoting] Agency
  • Inclusion
  • [Data] Stewardship



[Defined as: How specifically are we meeting our mission? How are we fulfilling our purpose?]

The goals of the Office of Assessment and Institutional Research at Scripps College are in support of our main role of data steward and our three major responsibilities: assessment & evaluation, external reporting, and accreditation. The frame for our work is always the holistic success of Scripps community members. We work both at the institutional and departmental/office level to meet our mission in the following ways.


Overall role: Data Steward

  • Serves as a central repository and reporter of institutional-level data.  
  • Conducts an official semesterly data census to gain a snapshot of that semester’s student data. 
  • Assists in the development of, tracks, and presents on key performance indicators to monitor the College’s strategic goals.

Responsibility #1: Assessment & Evaluation: 

  • Collaborates with colleagues to conduct campus-wide surveys in areas such as student engagement, student experiences, and campus climate.  
  • Provides support for Scripps faculty and staff in assessing both academic and cocurricular programs, including survey creation, data collection, analysis, and interpretation. 
  • Facilitates assessment of institutional and departmental student learning outcomes (ISLOs and DSLOs). 
  • Facilitates the academic course evaluation process. 
  • Conducts specialized research studies with Scripps College colleagues and colleagues across the 5Cs to answer institutional priority questions.
  • Supports program review and appointment/promotion/tenure processes by providing any requested data.

Responsibility #2: External Reporting: 

  • Coordinates all external institutional data reporting, including timely reporting of accurate Scripps College data to government bodies such as the Department of Education and to ranking organizations.  
  • Works with Scripps colleagues to gather and confirm any needed data for external reporting purposes, documenting the processes fully.
  • Answers as appropriate and available ad-hoc data, information, research question, and survey requests.

Responsibility #3: Accreditation: 

  • With the office containing the Accreditation Liaison Officer (ALO), manages and supports the College’s reaffirmation of accreditation. 
  • Works with the College’s accreditation steering committee to prepare the College for reaffirmation processes.
  • Liaisons with Scripps’ accrediting body (WSCUC) Vice President liaison as appropriate.


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