Student Learning Outcomes – Institutional (ISLOs)

Scripps College is committed to a culture of evidence-based decision making, informed in part by a regular cycle of curricular and co-curricular assessment and departmental reviews. Please see the Institutional Student Learning Outcome (ISLO) assessment steps to see the process we follow to assess institutional student learning outcomes.

The ISLOs were developed from the mission of Scripps College and discussed and endorsed by senior staff on February 11, 2013, by the faculty at their faculty meeting on February 14, 2013, and by the Educational Policy Committee of the Board of Trustees at its meeting on March 8, 2013.

Here are Scripps College’s Institutional Student Learning Outcomes, describing specific knowledge, abilities, values, and attitudes students should demonstrate on completion of their studies.

ISLO1: Students will be able to demonstrate analytical/critical thinking.

ISLO2: Students will be able to demonstrate effective writing.

ISLO3: Students will be able to demonstrate a breadth of knowledge in multiple academic fields.

ISLO4: Students will be able to demonstrate a depth of knowledge in at least one area of study. 

ISLO5: Students will be able to think in interdisciplinary contexts.

ISLO6: Students will be able to demonstrate intercultural knowledge. 

ISLO7: Students will be knowledgeable about leadership skills.