Scripps Designates New Mental Health Support Fund

Scripps College students have cited mental health and wellness services as one of their top priorities, and the College recognizes that mental health is a national concern. Scripps has responded by significantly expanding access to therapists on campus, within the Consortium, and in the surrounding Claremont community. However, Consortium therapists are oversubscribed and the cost of local private therapists often exceeds the $75 per session limit allocated by the College. Scripps wants to ensure that our students have access to the care they need, and the College is reviewing several options to expand our on-campus mental health and wellness services.

Many Scripps constituents have asked how they can support mental health resources. The College welcomes gifts designated for a new Mental Health Support Fund to expand resources for mental health and counseling to meet the needs of our students. We appreciate your support of The Scripps Fund!

Mental Health Support Fund Giving Instructions

If you are interested in sustaining the College through the new Mental Health Support Fund, please click here.

If you have any questions, please contact Advancement Services at (909) 607-7284 or [email protected].