Our Financial Strength


Unrestricted Endowment:

$25 Million

Transformation that will make an enduring leap in our financial flexibility and strength.

“How do we engage in a conversation with our community to say the only thing standing in Scripps’ way is money? There aren’t many colleges that can say that.” This was a statement made by a Scripps trustee and parent of an alumna. You might ask, “Isn’t money the only thing standing in any college’s way?” The answer actually is “no.” What our trustee meant by her statement is that unlike the vast majority of colleges and universities, Scripps has a full complement of enviable assets—a highly talented pool of prospective and current students; outstanding faculty; a distinguished academic tradition and curriculum; a magnificent campus; membership in an unparalleled consortium; and a coveted regional location where the college-bound population is growing rather than declining.

With so much going for Scripps, truly the only thing standing in our way is financial strength. Endowment provides the added muscle we need. It’s no coincidence that the colleges and universities with the greatest stature also have the largest endowments. Robust endowments allow these institutions to hire the best faculty, recruit the best students, invest in new technology, and steward campus treasures while also renewing facilities, weathering economic downturns, and seizing opportunities for teaching and learning innovations.

As all colleges seek to hold the line on tuition increases, endowment has become an even greater differentiator between the institutions that thrive and those that don’t. Gifts to endowment ensure intergenerational equity—consistent excellence and quality for all Scripps students and graduates.

Learn more about establishing an endowment at Scripps. Your endowment gift will benefit students and faculty for generations to come.