Jennifer Tankersley ’91 Plans Estate Gift to Scripps

Jennifer Tankersley '91By Kendra Pintor

Jennifer Tankersley ’91 earned her bachelor’s degree in economics and international relations as a dual major. Although so much has changed over the years, the skills she gained at Scripps remain relevant.

Reflecting on her academic journey with humor and nostalgia, she remarks, “I recently came across my thesis: ‘A Cost-Benefit Analysis of the Four Proposed Strategies for Achieving European Monetary Union.’ This was well before the euro was launched!”

Looking back on her diverse career, Jennifer attributes her success to the critical thinking skills and confidence instilled by her Scripps education. As the founder of her own executive coaching practice, The Tankersley Group, she integrates the values of leadership, service, and integrity with all aspects of her work, showcasing the enduring impact of her alma mater.

Tankersley’s commitment extends beyond her professional achievements; she has recently included a significant gift to Scripps College in her planned giving as part of her ongoing support. With gratitude for the financial aid that facilitated her education, she aims to make a difference for future generations of women.

“My time at Scripps provided me both the safety and support of a loving community and the stage on which to push myself outside of my comfort zone,” reflects Tankersley. “I had no idea I was a leader until I got there, and it built within me the courage to take that out into the world.”

For more than 28 years, Tankersley has consistently supported Scripps, signifying a deep connection to the College and emphasizing the transformative role it played in her life.

“Even when I did not have much, I gave to Scripps,” she says. “It has been my way of letting the College know how much the time I spent there meant to me.”

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