Office of Financial Aid

The mission of the Office of Financial Aid is to assist students and their families in accessing a premier private liberal arts education. You’ll find our financial aid professionals friendly and ready to help you and your family navigate forms and deadlines. Scripps College offers a financial aid program that includes grants and scholarships, student employment, and loans.

How do I apply?

Applying for Scripps College financial aid is simple! We understand financing an education can be a confusing and sometimes daunting task, but we are committed to working with families to best understand their student’s financial situation. For more information about financial aid deadlines and getting started, please select your situation from the following three groups:

My Financial Aid Portal

My Financial Aid is a student portal on the Scripps College Financial Aid website that allows you to view your financial aid information and status whenever you need. In order to use this system, you must be an admitted student and have a financial aid record already established at Scripps College.

Visit My Financial Aid now.

IRS Data Retrieval Tool for FAFSA

One of the newest tools to the FAFSA is the ability for financial aid applicants and their families to automatically transfer family income and tax data from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The online FAFSA will help you through the process, which requires your FSA ID or Username and password confirmation that you want to transfer your tax data. For frequently asked questions, please click here.

Financial Aid Staff

Patrick Moore
Director of Financial Aid
(909) 621-8275

Lindsay Morales
Associate Director
(909) 621-8275

Julia Sundstrom
Financial Aid Assistant
(909) 621-8275