My Financial Aid Portal

Accessing the My Financial Aid Portal

Enrolled students at Scripps College use the My Financial Aid portal to:

  • View offer of financial aid, accept, reduce or decline awards
  • View a list of documents we’ve received from you and a list of the documents still outstanding; and,
  • View messages about your financial aid awards, loan eligibility, status of appeal, application status, and other alerts.

Enrolled Student Access

Access to the My Financial Aid portal is limited to enrolled students. This includes recently admitted students who have committed to attend Scripps College and have been issues a Scripps College email address and login credentials. You must use your Scripps College email address (Office 365) and login credentials to access the My Financial Aid portal. You may click on the icon below to access the portal.

Access to the My Financial Aid portal is intended for student use only.

There is no separate guest and/or parent access to the My Financial Aid portal at this time.  If you do choose to share your login credentials to allow another person to access your My Financial Aid portal, that person will also have access to your Scripps email and academic records. 

If you are having difficulty logging into the My Financial Aid portal, or you are asked to enter your student ID number instead of your Scripps College email address, you may have bookmarked an old web page or accessing an old web page from your browsing history or cache.  Please try logging in with new internet browser or clear your browser history and cache.

If you need help resetting your password, contact Scripps College IT department at [email protected] or 909 607-3406.

Admissions Applicants and Admitted Students Access

If you are an admissions applicant or an admitted student who does not yet have a Scripps College email address, you can access financial application and award information via your Admission Applicant Status Page.