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The Scripps College Press publishes limited edition books each semester created and printed with letterpress equipment by students in Art 135: Typography and the Book Arts. Sophomores at Scripps can also select the Core III class, From Materiality to Immateriality: The Coming of the Artist Book to deepen their understanding of the book arts field.

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Latest Book: Flecks of Light (2015 Fall)

Written and produced by the students in the Typography and the Book Arts class. Students researched medieval color pigments, because the names of the pigments are so evocative, and the process of making the pigments so onerous. We asked our new painting proessor Kasper Kovitz to give a talk about how painters decide on colors […]

Scripps College Old Style by Frederic W. Goudy

Scripps College Old Style

Scripps College has its own font, designed in 1941 by master type designer Frederic W. Goudy.

You can purchase the full family font for $178 at

To learn more about this unique and impressive font, click here.

Scripps Press Staff

Kitty Maryatt
Director of the Scripps College Press
Assistant Professor of Art
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