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The Scripps College Press publishes limited edition books each semester created and printed with letterpress equipment by students in Art 135: Typography and the Book Arts. Sophomores at Scripps can also select the Core III class, From Materiality to Immateriality: The Coming of the Artist Book to deepen their understanding of the book arts field.

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Latest Book: Good Data/Bad Data (2014)

Good Data/Bad DataThe collection and use of such data has both positive and negative aspects, particularly in the area of personal privacy. This topic therefore seemed like a good candidate for investigations by the students in the Typography and the Book Arts class. The visual presentation of data has been extensively discussed by many in the emerging information design field, by Yale computer scientist Edward Tufte in his four books, and by various authors on visual complexity. Five areas of book design were first investigated: the choice and use of type, layout of double-page spreads, coordination of image and text (especially presentation of data), title page layout, and book structure. After researching these areas, students chose to present their reactions to big data sets, both good data and bad data.

Eight students worked assiduously over 14 weeks to present this book on the ramifications of the collection of big data. They printed with four Vandercooks on Rives Heavyweight paper, Softwhite in 12 pt. Gill Sans. Most of the images were carved in linoleum and printed in a choice of three colors. Several of the data sets were made into photopolymer plates and were printed letterpress. The binding is cloth-covered Davey boards attached by the tapes to the eleven sewn signatures. Size: 9.875 x 6.625 inches. The book was printed in an edition of 102 copies.

Goudy Lecture: Drop Dead Gorgeous: Pochoir Printing from the Renaissance to the present

Julie Mellby
September 27, 2014
Scripps College Humanities Auditorium

Julie Mellby is the graphic arts curator within Rare Books and Special Collections at Firestone Library, Princeton University. She is the author of several catalogues including The Author’s Portrait (2010) and Splendid Pages: The Molly and Walter Bareiss Collection of Modern Illustrated Books (2003).

Goudy Workshop: Pochoir à la Française

Julie Mellby and Kitty Maryatt – $75
September 27, 2014
Scripps College Press

Stencilling has been around since cave painters blew pigment around their hands to make prints on cave walls. Every culture has some kind of stencil technique. The Japanese method of katagami uses smoked persimmon paper stencils cut in elaborate patterns and strengthened with silk threads for coloring kimonos. Photographs of these kinds of stencils were published in 1878 in Paris by architect, Th. Lambert. Pochoir is the name given to the French iteration of the process, which first flourished in Paris in the early 20th century, especially for colorizing fashion plates and book illustrations.

Scripps College Old Style

Scripps College Old Style by Frederic W. GoudyScripps College has its own font, designed in 1941 by master type designer Frederic W. Goudy. To learn more about this unique and impressive font, click here.

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