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The Scripps College Press publishes limited edition books each semester created and printed with letterpress equipment by students in Art 135: Typography and the Book Arts. Sophomores at Scripps can also select the Core III class, From Materiality to Immateriality: The Coming of the Artist Book to deepen their understanding of the book arts field.

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Latest Book: NON SENSE (2015)

Non SenseThe Humanities Institute at Scripps College provides lectures, films, exhibits and discussion groups every year on a rich and multi-faceted theme. The theme this semester was silence. We adopted this theme for the Scripps College Press book project in order to investigate how we experience silence through our senses. Naturally, we discussed the fact that total silence is impossible to experience, since it only occurs in a vacuum. The students proceeded to tease out those aspects of silence that we can experience physically or metaphorically. Ten students at the Scripps College Press created, set metal type by hand, printed by letterpress and hand-bound this limited edition book on experiencing silence. Six colors of paper were chosen to suggest the way we might experience silence through the senses. Rives BFK and Arches Cover were selected for this purpose. The typeface selected was 12 pt. Centaur and Arrighi. Imagery was produced by cutting plastic Duralar stencils and coloring with Colorbox pigment pads. The book was bound in Japanese bookcloth over boards. Size: 11.625 x 7.625 inches. The book was printed in an edition of 101 copies.

Scripps College Old Style

Scripps College Old Style by Frederic W. GoudyScripps College has its own font, designed in 1941 by master type designer Frederic W. Goudy. To learn more about this unique and impressive font, click here.

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