Goudy Lecture

Scripps students outdoors in a workshop lecture

Please note that the Frederic W. Goudy Lecture series is free and open to the public. For further information, contact Tia Blassingame, director of the Scripps College Press at (909) 607-3866.

  Lecture Event Date
Alisa Banks Modeling the Message February 06, 2020
Stephanie Sauer A Case for Trespassing: Print and Publishing in the Face of Erasure September 19, 2019
Tona Wilson Interpreting the System: Immigration and Incarceration in Book Arts March 04, 2019
Hong Hong Being, Time and Place: Hong Hong’s Environmental Paper Investigations September 24, 2018
Ganzeer Ganzeer: Making the Intangible Tactile March 19, 2018
Radha Pandey Striking a Balance: traditional craft in contemporary practice September 28, 2017
Andre Bradley Dark Archives March 23, 2017
Irene Chan Experience, Ephemera, and Environment in Artists’ Books by Irene Chan October 01, 2016
David Godine, Valerie Lester, Sumner Stone, Steve Matteson, Christine Bertelson, Robin Price and more 75th Anniversary of the Founding of the Scripps College Press: Goudy Symposium March 05, 2016
Twinrocker Founders Kathryn Clark, Howard Clark, and Margaret Prentice The Founding of Twinrocker Handmade Paper September 12, 2015
Rob Saunders Ernst Schneidler and His Students March 07, 2015
Julie Mellby Drop Dead Gorgeous: Pochoir Printing from the Renaissance to the present September 27, 2014
Warren Lehrer A Life in Books: The Visual Literature of Warren Lehrer February 22, 2014
John Risseeuw Making Paper Mean Something September 28, 2013
Mary Kay Duggan The Beginning of Music Printing in the 15th Century February 09, 2013
Clif Meador The Book is Culture September 22, 2012
Ohie Toshio The Perfection of the Japanese Book September 19, 2012
Sheila S. Blair Pen & Ink: The Development of Islamic Calligraphy February 11, 2012
Jonathan M. Bloom Paper & the Islamic Book February 11, 2012
Kathleen Walkup Still covered with ink: Nuns, widows, mavericks & other passionate printers September 17, 2011

Lecture Archives

The following is a list of past Goudy Lecturers and Workshop leaders:

  Lecture Event Date
Sam Winston with Ron King Visual Typography Spring 2009
Ron King & Sam Winston Hole, Horse, and Hellbox Spring 2009
Susan Joy Share Wearable Books and Movement Fall 2008
Susan Joy Share Attachments Fall 2008
Suzanne Moore & Don Glaister Proximity and Process: Glaister and Moore Offer Perspectives on the Work of each Other Spring 2008
Suzanne Moore ko-läzh Spring 2008
Harriet Bart Labyrinth of the Book Fall 2007
Steven Clay Too Much Bliss: Twenty Years of Granary Books Fall 2006
Emily McVarish Letterpress Writing: Meanings of Production Fall 2006
Claire Van Vliet Janus Press: Fifty Years Spring 2006
Joan Michaels Paque A Personal Perspective: An Attempt at Innovation and Inventiveness Fall 2005
Tom Killion Tom Killion's Woodcut Prints of the California Landscape: Adapting Japanese Techniques to Letterpress Printing Spring 2005
Margaret Prentice Imagery for the Book and the Wall, Two Different Points of View Fall 2004
Dr. Eric White The Fifteenth-Century Geometry of Gutenberg's 42-Line Bible Spring 2004
Julie Chen Production and Process: The Making of Limited Edition Artists' Books Fall 2003
Gary Frost, Shanna Leino Future of the Book vs. Book of the Future Spring 2003
Dr. Betty Bright Who Put the Art in Book Art? Fall 2002
Hedi Kyle The Book in your Hand: It's not all about Reading Spring 2002
Robin Price Hijinks at the Press: Chance, Randomness, and Blind Collaboration in Contemporary Artists' Books Fall 2001
Betsy Eldridge Book Conservation: the Variety of Problems Encountered in Private Practice Spring 2001
Steve Miller With a Piece of Type in Hand...Making the Dard Hunter biography... Thinking about the Future of Books Fall 2000
Wilbur Schilling Creating a Career in the Book Arts Spring 2000
Frank Mowery Bound and Closed: An Overview of Fine and Historical Bindings with Clasps from the Folger Shakespeare Library Fall 1999
Nancy Tomasco Chinese Books: Just what are They? Spring 1999
Richard Wagener Fall 1998
Peter Koch Buffalo Rome or... Fine Printing in the Real West Fall 1998
Sumner Stone Continuity and Innovation in Type Design: The Debut of Scripps College Old Style in Digital Form Spring 1998
Carolee Campbell, Donna Westerman Confluence: Rivers and Books Fall 1997
Gerald Lange Spring 1997
Daniel Tucker & Claire Owen An Accord of Grace: a View of the Ideal Book from Turtle Island Press Spring 1997
Cal Ling World Views: Influences in the 1990s Fall 1996
Johanna Drucker The Artists' Book: Historical Precedents and Critical Future Spring 1996
Susan King Travel Notes of a Prodigal Daughter Fall 1995
Eleanor Ramset, Paula Gourley Design Binding: An Approach Spring 1995
Gabriel Rummonds The Iron Hand Press: an Apparatus of Torture or an Instrument of Perfection Fall 1994
Fred Brady, Carol Twombly Trends of Traditions in Type Spring 1994
Ruth Copans, John Anzalone, Joanne Sonnichsen Contemporary French Book Binding and the Reassessment of Book Décor Fall 1993
Carol Barton Pop-ups: Past and Present Spring 1993
Pamela Spitzmueller Making Connections: What are the Ties Between Book Conservation, Book Materials, and my One-Of-A-Kind Book? Fall 1992
R. Stanley Nelson, D. J. R. Bruckner, Fred Brady, Theo Rehak 50th Birthday Party Spring 1992
Richard Wagener Paradise Lost by the Golden Cockerell Press Fall 1991
Dr. Wendy Furman Seeing with Other Eyes: Wood Engravings of Mary Groom for Fall 1991
Tony Zwicker Pix Sticks, Stones and Bones: American Bookworks 1965-1990 Spring 1991
Timothy Ely Recent Works: Structures and Symbols Fall 1990
Claire Van Vliet Paper and Books, Book and Paper Spring 1990
Sumner Stone New Typographic Voices for the Digital Era Fall 1989
Andrew Hoyem, Arion Press Arion Press: 15 Years of Finely Printed Books Spring 1989
Jerry Kelly The Marriage of Calligraphy and Typography Fall 1988
Sandra Kirschenbaum On the Values to be Found in Finely Printed Books Spring 1988
Hedi Kyle Contemporary Book Structures Fall 1985
Christine Bertelson Impressions: 1980 - 1985 Spring 1985
Claire Van Vliet The Circus of Doctor Lao: A Tale of Two Editions Spring 1985
Charles Seluzicki Some Thoughts on the Arts of the Broadside Fall 1984
David Lance Goines Application of Typographic Traditions to New Technology Spring 1984
Ward Ritchie Irrepressible Jane Spring 1984
Leonard Schlosser Dard Hunter: Dedicated Pioneer Fall 1983
Timothy Barrett Traditional Hand-Papermaking: Eastern and Western Spring 1983
Barry Moser On Illustration Fall 1982
Claire Van Vliet Some Approaches to Text and Illustration Spring 1982
April Greiman New Wave Spring 1982
Robert Serpa Hand Papermaking: Directions in the Current Revival Fall 1981
Johanna Goldschmid Bookbinding: a Contemporary View Spring 1981
Walter Hamady The Perishable Press Unlimited Spring 1981
David R. Godine Beauty and Order: the Bookmaker's Challenge from the 16th-21st Centuries Fall 1980