Goudy Workshop

A group of women working in a press studio.

Please note that registration is required to attend Frederic W. Goudy Workshops and their accompanying dinners. For more information on costs and how to attend, contact Tia Blassingame, director of the Scripps College Press.

  Lecture Event Date
Radha Pandey Islamic-World Papermaking with Radha Pandey September 30, 2017
Irene Chan Cut & Folded Books October 01, 2016
Kathryn Clark & Colin Browne Pulp Painting September 12, 2015
Rob Saunders and Colin Browne Seeing Through Letters March 07, 2015
Julie Mellby and Kitty Maryatt Pochoir à la Française September 27, 2014
Warren Lehrer UNBLANKNESS: 101 Book Ideas February 22, 2014
John Risseeuw John Risseeuw September 28, 2013
Clif Meador The Illegal Practice of Typography – Creating glyphs from images: an experiment inspired by Iliazd’s great Maximiliana, or the Illegal Practice of Astronomy February 09, 2013
Mary Kay Duggan Music Printing and Engraving September 22, 2012
Sheila S. Blair & Jonathan M. Bloom Making Books in the Islamic Lands February 11, 2012
Sandra Reese The Plate and the Print September 18, 2011
Walter Tisdale Right Under Our Noses February 19, 2011
Diane Samuels Looking closely: using observation, poetry/prose, historical research to build an artwork October 10, 2010
Johanna Drucker and Kitty Maryatt Iliazd-isms: Hand-setting Avant-Garde Typography February 06, 2010
Pati Scobey The Printed Page: Image and Sequence October 24, 2009