Scripps is an environment where it’s cool to be smart. Something fundamentally inspiring happens when you’re surrounded by women scholars, women leaders, and women mentors. Confidence blossoms. Opportunities beckon. Students here make profound bonds and encourage each other, both academically and personally. They want to explore whatever captivates them. And they don’t let others limit their world. The idea of sisterhood rings true at Scripps.

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Scripps College is a top-ranked national liberal arts college and a member of The Claremont Colleges. Scripps offers an intense learning experience with small classes on a campus famous for its beauty, and its approximately 950 students enjoy the individualized attention of expert and approachable professors in a tight-knit community.

Scripps offers an educational experience like no other, where students have the advantages of both a women’s liberal arts college and a community of four other prestigious colleges a short walk away — and the professors know their students’ names.