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How to Order

Send your request to purchase a Scripps College Press book to Tia Blassingame. Please include your snail mail address; you will receive a response detailing when the book will be sent. A PDF of the invoice will be included in the response. We are only able to receive a check for your purchase. We will ship your book upon receipt of your check.

  Title Price
1993 Spring Libretto – Out of Print –
1992 Fall Mani · Fold Tales – Out of Print –
1992 Spring Dorothy Drake and the Scripps College Press – Out of Print –
1991 Fall Nature – Out of Print –
1991 Spring A Medieval Sampler of Accomplished and Notorious Women – Out of Print –
1990 Fall and 1991 Spring The Example of the Arts – Out of Print –
1990 Spring A Sense of Place – Out of Print –
1989 Fall Quintsequences – Out of Print –
1989 Spring Fabrications – Out of Print –
1988 Fall Zig-Zag – Out of Print –
1988 Spring Four/Fold – Out of Print –
1987 Fall Los Angeles Women Letterpress Printers – Out of Print –
1987 Spring The Color Book – Out of Print –
1986 Fall Rules of Thumb – Out of Print –
1986-2016 Sixty Over Thirty: Bibliography of Scripps College Press Books $0.00