Livre des Livres

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Because our Goudy Lecturers were asked to speak about contemporary French bookbinding, we decided to create a book in the early French style, a livre d’artiste, which is issued in unbound sheets in a slipcase. We decided to make a painted book, a livre de peintre, and so we hand-painted in iridescent acrylic 900 sheets of gray Rives BFK and Rives heavyweight. The students were asked to find a poem about art that they could get permission to publish and to then write a poem or text in response. The poets they chose include Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Douglas McClellan, Judy Grahn, John Fowles, Diane Wakoski, and Rena Rosenwasser. They then had to create imagery to go with the two texts. This imagery is on the inside of the French-folded unbound sheets. The front and back matter is set in Fournier type. The size is 8″ x 11.625″. There are 60 books in the edition. There are seven folded sections wrapped inside a paper case, which is inside a painted cloth case, which is inside a painted paper and cloth slipcase. Très Français!

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