Student Health Insurance

Health insurance coverage is required for all continuing and newly matriculated Scripps students. All students are automatically enrolled annually in the Claremont Colleges Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP).

Students who do not wish to participate in this plan, and have other comparable health insurance coverage, may waive out by completing the Waiver Application Form. A waiver form must be submitted annually. The waiver form for 2019-2020 must be received by:

  • September 1, 2019 for the full year or fall term
  • February 12, 2020 for the spring term (for new students, transfer students, or those returning from a leave of absence/study abroad)

Waivers will be processed and credits will appear accordingly on the student account within 5 business days of the approved waiver.

If the online waiver is not completed before the deadline or coverage does not meet the requirement set, the student will be required to pay $2,551 annual premium. The full year $2,551 premium will not be pro-rated even if comparable insurance is obtained during the year; no exceptions will be granted.

For more questions or concerns regarding SHIP, visit the Relations Insurance website or Aetna Student Health website, or contact the Dean of Students Office at