Payment Methods

Scripps College accepts checks, money orders, electronic checks via CASHNet, International Payments, Private College 529, and wire transfers. To wire funds to the College, please contact the Student Account Office at (909) 621-8259. Credit card or debit card payments are not accepted. The student name and ID must be included on all payments, except payments made via CASHNet.

Families who receive payments from outside organizations, such as tuition remission, 529 College Savings Plan and Private College 529 Plan, will need to send a copy of the student billing statement to those organizations. Scripps College does not bill third parties.

ACH/Check Return

Please note that a $25 fee will be assessed for a payment that is returned for any reason including, but not limited to, insufficient funds, an invalid account number, account closed/unable to locate. Please be advised that if you select “checking” the account number entered must be for that checking account. If you select “savings” the account number entered must be for that saving account. Otherwise, the bank may reject the transaction.