Tuition and Fees


Tuition Charges will be billed according to the student’s enrollment status. If a student is registered as a full time matriculating student, the bill will reflect the full time rate. Full time status is 3.0 or more Scripps courses. Part time students must have permission from the Registrar to be classified as part time. Part time students will be billed according to the number of classes they are taking. Part time status is less than 3.0 courses per semester. The costs for the 2024-2025 academic year are as follows:

  Fall 2024 Spring 2025
Tuition $32,825.00 $32,825.00
Housing $5,914.00 $5,914.00
Food $4,982.00 $4,982.00
Student Body Fee $150.00 $150.00
Total $43,871.00 $43,871.00
One class $8,206.00 $8,206.00

Housing Charges

Students living in a residence hall will be billed the flat rate for a room according to the current academic housing rate. If a student needs to live off campus, they must send a petition to the Office of Residential Life to get permission to do so.

Food Cost

Students living in a residence hall are required to have a meal plan. Students are billed according to the meal plan selected. There are four options:

  • 19 meal plan: $5,154.00 per semester with $190.00 flex plus
  • 16 meal plan: $4,982.00 per semester with $160.00 flex plus
  • 14 meal plan: $4,822.00 per semester with $140.00 flex plus
  • 12 meal plan: $4,650.00 per semester with $120.00 flex plus

Cost of Attendance:

Educational expenses for the academic year include actual charges for tuition, standard fees, housing, food and an estimated allowance for books and supplies, transportation, and personal expenses, including average fees associated with federal student loans. Your actual cost of attendance may vary.

Please note that the estimated cost of attendance changes each academic year.  Normally, the Board of Trustees will establish the rate of tuition and fees and housing and food for the upcoming academic year in their March meeting. 

Estimated 2024-2025 costs for full-time, degree-seeking students

Cost Element
(Scripps Sponsored Housing)
(Not w/Parents or Relatives)
(with Parents or Relatives)
Tuition and Fees
$65,950 $65,950 $ 65,950
Housing and Food*
$22,136 $22,136 $10,308
Books and Supplies
$800 $800 $800
Personal Expenses
$1,500 $1,500 $1,500
$500-$1,500 $500-$1,500 $500
Total Costs
$90,886 – $91,886 $90,886 – $91,886 $79,058


*The allowance for food reflects the cost of the optional 19-meal plan that with flex dollars covers the cost of 3-meals per day.  Financial aid will not be changed if you choose a plan with fewer meals or waive out of the meal plan entirely. Students living with parents or relatives have a food allowance but no housing allowance.
**The transportation allowance vary by student based on the geographic location of their permanent residence.

The Claremont College Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) is not included total above, but may be added to your cost of attendance upon your request.  For the 2023-2024 academic year, the SHIP premium is $2,996.

Average federal student loan fees will be added to the cost of attendance for financial aid for those students who borrow federal student loans.