Student Accounts Office


The Student Account Office is responsible for the production of monthly student account statements. These statements consist of charges for tuition, room, board, miscellaneous fees, and any credits that will reduce the balance. SAO also receives charges from other departments around campus for Scripps students such as Baxter Medical, traffic citations, dorm damages, and library fines.

Miscellaneous Fees

On certain occasions and for certain services, there are special fees. These include:

  • Individual or group instructions in piano, voice, or harpsichord, $75 per semester. This fee is non refundable if the student drops the class later than two school days prior to the last day to add classes.
  • Fee for a lab science course at the W.M. Keck Science Department, $50 (except natural science lab course, $30)
  • Fee for studio arts: $75 per course.
  • Fee for auditing a course: regularly enrolled students, no charge; all others $100.
  • Fee for high school students, for non-college credit, per course, $100.
  • Fee for registration of an automobile $50.
  • Fee for graduating seniors, $70 for graduation fee.
  • Students are encouraged to pay Baxter Medical and Honnold Library directly. In the event that these charges are added to the student’s bill, there will be a processing charge of 10% of the amount of the transaction, or no less that one dollar per transaction.
  • An administrative fee of $100 for all off-campus programs through Scripps. In cases where the total costs paid by Scripps, including the College’s own direct expenses, exceed the comprehensive fee, the student will be asked to pay the difference. In addition, there may be a non-refundable fee payable to the programs) to which the student applies.
  • Students will be fined $100 for each library book not returned. The student will receive a credit of $90 if the book is later returned.
  • Returned ACH/checks are subject to a NSF fine of $30.