The Scripps Education Extends Far Beyond the Classroom

Hannah Orrahood '20 standing on a bridge in France

SAGE student Hannah Orrahood ’20 in Nantes, France

The educational opportunities inherent in a Scripps education extend far beyond the boundaries of our Claremont campus. From one corner of the globe to another, Scripps students are conducting research, clarifying career goals, practicing languages, and making friends through the Study Abroad and Global Education (SAGE) programs. These programs are made accessible by alums, families, and friends of the College who give to student scholarships, ensuring that all Scripps students are able to take full advantage of these life-changing opportunities.

Through SAGE, students can choose from nearly 125 programs in 47 countries—and if they have somewhere in mind even further off the beaten path, students are welcome to petition for other opportunities if they find another program is better suited to their interests. Programs range both in instructional delivery and living experience—students can attend medium to large universities, participate in experiential field-based programs, or intern for credit. They live in flats, in dorms, at base camps, or in homes with host families.

Every year, around 150 students augment their liberal arts education by studying away for a semester. Many choose programs that will give them an opportunity to practice their skills in another language. “If a language is taught at the Claremont Colleges, Scripps expects students will have a solid background in the host language before departure, giving students an opportunity to use these languages on a daily basis while abroad and cement those skills in lifelong ways,” says Neva Barker, director of SAGE. Students also study abroad because they want to approach their major from a different perspective and learn how people in other countries are tackling pressing scientific, political, and cultural issues. Others are inspired by their host countries to explore topics completely unrelated to their majors. In this way, study abroad enhances both the breadth and the depth of knowledge available to Scripps students.

For Hannah Orrahood ’20, a dual major in English and French Studies, studying abroad in Nantes, France gave her the opportunity to improve her French skills and gain practical experience in the education field. “Thanks to my program’s internship, I got to try my hand at teaching English at a French school,” she says. “I worked alongside other French teachers and became much more familiar with the French education system. I also gained valuable experience that I know will apply directly to the opportunities I want to pursue in the future and was able to refine my goals for how I want to go about teaching English in France after graduation.”

Through these study abroad programs, students also gain real-world experience, such as learning how to navigate a new city, understanding local public transportation, cooking for themselves, and budgeting their time and money. “Those are skill sets that some students haven’t had to develop before,” says Barker. “I think many students are most proud of the fact that they managed alone, that they put themselves out there and challenged themselves in an unfamiliar environment.” For Orrahood, this certainly rings true. “My language skills obviously improved during my semester abroad, but I also learned a lot more about myself,” she says. “I learned how to live and move through the world more independently and I gained a lot of confidence.”

All SAGE programs are covered by Scripps’ comprehensive fees for the semester, meaning that any financial aid or scholarships that students receive during the school year, with the exception of federal work study funding, will roll over and support their study abroad programs. Because of this, students who may have had financial barriers to studying abroad have an equal opportunity to experience these formative programs. “We provide students with tuition, room, and board abroad, as well as airfare and international insurance,” says Barker. “All of those charges are covered by Scripps’ comprehensive fees, making it possible for any Scripps student to study abroad.”

Scholarship gifts safeguard the study abroad experience. They ensure opportunities for students both while they are at Scripps and while they study away for a semester. When students study abroad, they remain enrolled as full-time students at Scripps allowing them to maintain their financial aid package. In this way, gifts to scholarships create transformative experiences both on and off campus.

Your support ensures that the study abroad experience is accessible to all students, helping individuals connect their classroom learning to real-life experiences. Click here to make a gift to “scholarships” to impact the Scripps students of tomorrow, today. To learn more about the College’s study away programs, contact SAGE’s Neva Barker.

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