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Professor of Dance Ronnie Brosterman (right) uses "Lori" the skeleton as a teaching tool. Also pictured: Devon Frost '20 (left) and Ana Nishioka '19 (center)

Professor of Dance Ronnie Brosterman (right) uses “Lori” the skeleton as a teaching tool. Also pictured: Devon Frost ’20 (left) and Ana Nishioka ’19 (center)

This May, hundreds of Scripps alums will be traveling back to campus to stroll through the Rose Garden, enjoy a glass of wine with old friends on Elm Tree Lawn, and reminisce about their formative college years over coffee and sustainably sourced treats at the Motley. For alums, Reunion Weekend provides an opportunity to remember the past, share current successes, and invest in the future by giving back to the aspects of Scripps they find most meaningful. This year, the Class of 1984 is honoring the memory of Loralyn Ledwell Cropper ’84 through their Reunion Class Gift by establishing a senior dance award in her name.

“Loralyn was such a lovely, dynamic student during our time at Scripps,” says Elizabeth Cundiff ’84, a Reunion class ambassador. “Dance was something that brought her so much joy, so I thought we could do something to honor that part of her life.”

This past fall, Cundiff met with Scripps’ Director of Alumnae Engagement Jess Butler ’09 and Dance Department Chair and Professor of Dance Ronnie Brosterman to discuss how a gift to dance could most impact the program and students. It was during that meeting that Brosterman, one of Cropper’s former professors, shared that several years after her graduation Cropper made a gift to the dance department that was used to purchase a plastic skeleton. Affectionately nicknamed “Lori,” the skeleton is a beloved member of the dance department and has been used to teach many Scripps students about the mechanics of body movements over the years. “The senior dance award will directly impact a hardworking Scripps dancer’s life and, considering Loralyn’s continued support of the dance department, Ronnie and I feel she would appreciate this,” says Cundiff.

Just as Cropper maintained her connection to the Scripps dance department throughout her life, Cundiff has served as an active member of the Scripps community for many years: as a staff member, Alumnae Association president, and now a Reunion Class ambassador. Cundiff loved her time at Scripps and she says her appreciation for the College has only grown since becoming an alumna. “Scripps was so foundational for me,” she says. “I had a huge advantage when I was starting my career because Scripps had truly instilled a sense of empowerment in me, a feeling that I could persevere and make a difference in the world. That confidence carries with me today.”

Butler also recognizes the unique impact that the College has on its graduates and emphasizes that alums continue to define the College through giving to the arts, scholarships, and internships, among other valuable programs. “The shared experience of being a Scripps student is unique,” says Butler. “The support we get from our alums allows us to offer that same experience to current and future students here at the College.”

Reunion Weekend provides the perfect opportunity for alums to reinforce these bonds, to network with talented and successful classmates, and to support aspects of the College they love. By giving to a wide range of programs and departments at Scripps, alums ensure that future generations of students continue to thrive confidently, courageously, and hopefully.

Reunion Class Gifts underpin the experiences of students, faculty, and the Scripps community. Your gifts to the College have a direct impact today! To learn more about Reunion Weekend or Reunion Class Gifts, visit our alumnae website or email [email protected].

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