Board Approaches $50 million in Campaign Gifts

Susan Herron, Mark Herron, Betsy Weinberg Smith ’74, Nancy Katayama ’77

For some other colleges’ trustees, “service” consists largely of attending board meetings a few times a year and writing donation checks as required. That is not the case at Scripps College.

Says Vice President for Institutional Advancement Michael Archibald, “There is no specific giving requirement. We ask our trustees to make the College a top philanthropic priority and to ‘stretch’ with annual, capital, and estate commitments. Most importantly, we ask trustees to provide leadership and to set an example for the Scripps community.”

The board has embraced this challenge. To date, the Scripps College Board of Trustees is poised to surpass $50 million in collective support for the More Scripps Campaign. As of September 30, 2015 all members of the board have shown significant financial support for the Campaign. Extraordinarily, some number of trustees/trustees emeriti have given in excess of $1 million. Board of Trustees Chair Mark Herron and his wife Susan, Board of Trustees Vice Chair Elizabeth “Betsy” Weinberg Smith ’74, and Campaign Chair Nancy Katayama ’77 have each supported the College with outright gifts, pledges, or planned gifts totaling $5,000,000 or more.

Says Herron, “Board service at Scripps takes many forms. Actively engaging in policy discussions, serving on key committees, and helping to make intelligent institutional decisions based on members’ areas of expertise are a few of many contributions. In addition, our board members take the Scripps philanthropic challenge to heart, often giving as much as they possibly can on behalf of the College and its students. We are lucky to have these caring and generous individuals serving and guiding Scripps. I am proud to serve alongside them as the board chair.”

The Scripps College community is grateful for the continued strength, dedication and leadership of the Board of Trustees as we continue the Campaign and advance the presidential search this fall.