More Scripps: Annual Giving–How We Achieve the Greatest Impact

A college’s campaign is not just about the money. It is a focused initiative celebrating the achievement of the college’s hopes and dreams. A campaign is the vehicle through which an institutional vision is achieved and celebrated.

The Scripps Fund supports Wednesday tea

Within the More Scripps Campaign is The Scripps Fund. Without a strong annual fund, implementing other fundraising initiatives is like building a house without a foundation.

Historically, the College’s annual fund focused on gifts supporting unrestricted operating budget relief and scholarships. In 2012, the annual fund raised about $2.4 million with nearly 40% alumnae participation. The purpose of the annual fund has since evolved, leading to its distinct identity as The Scripps Fund.

The Scripps Fund now includes designated gifts that go beyond the operating budget to support: internships—Scripps now supports over 80 paid internships per year; academic departments—an increase in grant funding allows faculty to create new courses; student research at the Keck Science Department and Ruth Chandler Williamson Gallery; and resources to help fulfill a student’s demonstrated financial need. This past year, alumnae, families, and friends gave nearly $3.9 million to The Scripps Fund—that’s more than 50% growth since 2012.

Support for The Scripps Fund is vital to the life of the College—six to eight percent of the College’s annual operating budget is supported by the fund.

Give to support sustainability

Choosing to support The Scripps Fund should be like casting a vote—it is an explicit expression of support for the Scripps community. The act of giving is far more important than the amount given.

In the final year of the campaign, reflect on why you choose to give—or not—to Scripps College. Is there an area of campus or program that resonates with your values? You have an opportunity to improve these programs and resources at Scripps with your gift, no matter the amount. If you have not yet chosen to support the College, consider making a gift today.

To make your gift today, visit or call (909) 607-1542. You can learn more about The Scripps Fund on our new webpage.

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