The major in Neuroscience is an interdisciplinary program of 16 courses (minimum) designed to provide students with an appreciation of diverse approaches to understanding the function of nervous systems, as well as the ability to conduct investigations within a particular subfield of interest. Students majoring in Neuroscience complete:

  1. A common core program,
  2. A sequence of four electives determined in consultation with an adviser in Neuroscience, and
  3. A one- or two-semester thesis on a topic related to the four course sequence.

The major provides good preparation for graduate work in biology, neuroscience, and a variety of other programs including medical school or other graduate health professions programs. Admission to particular advanced degree programs may require additional course work.

Faculty List


Scott-Kakures, Dion

Professor of Philosophy
Phone: 72767

Spezio, Michael

Co-Director, Associate Professor of Psychology, Neuroscience, Data Science
Phone: 70914

Wood, Stacey

Professor of Psychology; Molly Mason Jones Chair in Psychology
Phone: 79505