Legal Studies

The intercollegiate, interdisciplinary program in Legal Studies seeks to illuminate the discipline of law from the perspective of the liberal arts. Taking courses from a number of disciplines, Legal Studies majors are introduced to a range of social scientific, interpretive, and historical analyses of law, broadly defined. In contrast to the largely professional orientation of graduate Law School programs, the Legal Studies major gives primary consideration to the social function of legal institutions, the processes through which legal meaning is created, how social order is challenged or maintained, and the relationships of law with other aspects of intellectual and social endeavor. Students are advised to consult with their major adviser in order to choose a set of courses that best serves their interests, academic goals, and career objectives. Interested students should contact Professor Mark Golub for additional information.

Dual and Double Majors

Dual and double programs combining legal studies with a wide range of other majors are possible, but require early planning and careful selection of courses. Requirements pertaining to dual and double majors are stated elsewhere in this catalog.

Faculty List

Legal Studies

Groscup, Jennifer

Professor of Psychology; Chair, Department of Psychology
Phone: (909) 607-0913