Italian Studies

The Italian Department at Scripps College, the only one at the Claremont Colleges, offers a full range of courses for students, providing a sequence of lower division classes which develop speaking, writing and reading skills, as well as introduce students to Italian literature and culture. Following these introductory courses, students are able to take a number of upper division classes in various areas of literature and about a number of topics. Italian courses are complemented and enriched by the presence of an Italian assistant who lives on campus and facilitates Italian conversation in a number of activities. Students also have the opportunity to study in Italy, in places like Milan, Rome, Florence, or Parma.

About the Curriculum

One of the most important features of a liberal education is familiarity with the language of a culture other than one’s own. Such familiarity not only clarifies a student’s sense of cultural identity, but also enhances articulateness and enlarges the view of the scope of thought and language. A major in a foreign language prepares students to enter graduate school in literary studies or in interpretation and translation, or provides basic liberal arts training for professional study in law, business, foreign service, or medicine.

Students are strongly encouraged to fulfill the language requirement in an uninterrupted sequence. In all cases, however, the language requirement must be completed by the end of the first semester of the senior year.

Study Abroad

Students of Italian are encouraged to take advantage of semester or year long programs in Italy. Frequently used programs which recent students have found excellent are: Brown (Bologna), Temple (Rome), Syracuse (Florence), and IES (Milan and Siena). Another valuable program is the Pitzer College Parma Program. Scripps students need to have taken two semesters of Italian to participate in study in Italy.

Italian Corridor

Scripps students may apply to live in the Italian Corridor with the Italian resident and a small group of students interested in practicing their Italian through daily use of the language.

Given the limited space availability, we are interested in students committed to building community within the language corridor and the greater language community through inclusive, group-based activities. Suggested activities include cooking/dinner, movie nights, listening to language-specific music together, discussing political topics related to the language-specific world or a reading club.

CORRIDOR APPLICATION: If you are interested in participating in the language corridor, complete the application and email to Rebecca Ballinger, [email protected]. Complete the application here.

Five Colleges Italian Club

Students are encouraged to participate in the club’s numerous activities which include dinners, parties, movies, and excursions to nearby cultural events.

Faculty List

Italian Studies

Forlino, Marino

Associate Professor of Italian
Phone: 73077

Mangravite, Gina

Visiting Assistant Professor in Italian

Ovan, Sabrina

Professor of Italian; Chair, Department of Italian and Italian Studies
Phone: 73546