American Studies

Sponsored by the five undergraduate Claremont Colleges, American Studies is an interdisciplinary major that encourages students to think critically and creatively about culture, society, and politics in the United States. The American Studies Program is coordinated by an intercollegiate faculty whose aim is to introduce students to the complexity of the American experience. Majors take courses in a variety of disciplines such as literature, history, ethnic studies, sociology, anthropology, political science, music, media studies, and the visual arts. In addition, majors take multidisciplinary courses that use materials from different disciplines to explore particular issues in American life. The interdisciplinary approach to this major affords the student opportunities for graduate study and a variety of career choices, including education, law, library science, journalism, business, and museum work.

Edward A. White Award

The Edward A. White Award in American Studies is given annually to a senior who has done outstanding work in the study of the United States and its history, culture, or politics as evidenced in her senior thesis. To see a list of past winners and their thesis topics, click here.

Faculty List

American Studies

Cheng, Jih-Fei

Associate Professor of Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Cheng, Wendy

Associate Professor of American Studies; Chair, Department of American Studies
American Studies
Phone: (909) 607-3692

Gonzalez, Martha

Associate Professor of Chicanx-Latinx Studies
Chicanx/Latinx Studies
Phone: (909) 607-3548

Koenigs, Thomas

Associate Professor of English; Chair, Department of English
Phone: (909) 607-3544

Liu, Warren

Associate Professor of English
Phone: (909) 607-4026

Soliman, Maryan

Assistant Professor of Africana Studies
Africana Studies
Phone: (909) 607-7979