Sam ’24

November 30, 2023

Theater at the 5C’s

Hello Everyone!   My past two semesters at Scripps, I expanded my activities and joined musical theater at the Claremont Colleges. Today I am going to take a deep dive into […]

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October 25, 2023

What Makes Scripps Stand Out?

Hello Everyone!  Today, I will discuss what makes Scripps stand out as its own institution, specifically stuff that I wish I had known coming into Scripps. When I think about […]

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September 16, 2023

Meet Sam 24′

Hi Everyone! My name is Sam (she/her). I am a senior majoring in psychology and minoring in music and Native American and Indigenous studies. Outside of my classes, I am […]

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April 28, 2023

Tips for Navigating Your College Decision

Hello! I am Sam Clark, a junior majoring in Psychology and double minoring in music and Native American and Indigenous Studies.  We are coming into the home stretch of college […]

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February 27, 2023

Making Friends at Scripps and Across the 5Cs

College, for all of the fun and excitement it can bring, can be intimidating in many different ways as well. Hopefully, this blog post will be helpful in settling some […]

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November 1, 2022

Academic Support

Hello Everyone! I am Sam Clark, a junior at Scripps majoring in Psychology and double minoring in Music and Native American and Indigenous Studies. I am a huge advocate for […]

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October 7, 2022

Scripps Traditions!

Hi Everyone! I am Sam Clark, a junior at Scripps majoring in Psychology and double minoring in Music and Native American and Indigenous Studies. One of my favorite parts of […]

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September 16, 2022

Meet Sam ’24

Hi Everyone! I’m Sam (she/her), a Junior from Hopkins, Minnesota. I am a Psychology major with a minor in Music and a minor in Native American and Indigenous Studies. Outside […]

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May 4, 2022

Flashback: A Year in Person

Hello Everyone!  As we come upon the last week of classes and finals I have been reflecting on my first year both in person and on campus. Memories keep flashing […]

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March 27, 2022

The In’s and Out’s of Intramural Sports at Scripps College

Hey Everyone!  A new activity I have started this spring semester is my roommate and I joined a trivia team through CMS (Claremont, Mudd, Scripps) recreation, which means it qualifies […]

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November 14, 2021

Dorm Living Tips No One Talks About

Hello Everybody! Today Louise and I are going to discuss different aspects of dorm life at Scripps! Louise is going to touch on how to make your dorm room feel […]

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August 20, 2021

Tips for College Apps and Senior Year

As we draw ever closer to the start of the school year and the start of application season suddenly life is a lot busier – both applications and normal school. […]

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August 6, 2021

The In-State vs. Out-of-state College Decision

Hi everybody! As we get closer to the start of the fall semester, the anxieties I had when picking an out-of-state school are coming back. For context, I am from […]

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July 24, 2021

To Interview or not to interview

Hi everybody, we are in the time of year where the dreaded debate begins, do I do an interview or not?  In my opinion, I always say go for it! […]

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July 10, 2021

College Classes – What do they mean?

An amazing part of Scripps is being a part of the consortium, however, that means there are over 2,000 classes to pick from each semester. The process of registering for […]

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June 24, 2021

Say hi to Sam!

Hi Everyone! I’m Sam, a Sophomore from Hopkins, Minnesota. I am undecided in my major but am interested in exploring Psychology, Music, Media Studies or Biology. Outside of class I […]

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April 9, 2021

The Ins and Outs of Course Registration

Hi! Sam and Serena here, In light of class registration season, we thought it was only suitable for us to write a blog post on how to register for classes […]

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March 5, 2021

So you got into Scripps… Now What?

Hey everyone! Congratulations on your acceptance to Scripps, we’re excited to meet all of you! Like many of you, we were ecstatic to attend college but didn’t quite know where […]

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February 8, 2021

Support at Scripps

Hello Everyone!  As we all know, starting college can be a whole mix of emotions; Fun, exciting, awkward, scary, or overwhelming. Luckily Scripps has plenty of different organizations and ways […]

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November 28, 2020

Joint Music Program

Hello Everyone! This blog post is going to provide some info about the Joint Music Program! We are going to dive into the choir options offered and also voice lessons […]

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