The In’s and Out’s of Intramural Sports at Scripps College

Hey Everyone! 

A new activity I have started this spring semester is my roommate and I joined a trivia team through CMS (Claremont, Mudd, Scripps) recreation, which means it qualifies as an intramural sport! I was really intrigued by the intramural sports that CMS has and decided to ask around and find out more. 

At Scripps, there are three different ways that you can participate in team organizations on campus. 

  1. NCAA Divison III Varsity Sports Teams: Claremont – Mudd – Scripps (CMS) has 11 varsity sports. If you are interested in varsity sports, reach out to a coach. Contact information can be found on the athletics website.
  2. Club Sports: Over 20 different club sports and they are open to all 5C students so can include students from all 5 colleges. The way each club is run is a little different and there is variety in the structure. To ask specific questions, I would recommend finding someone on the team and asking them or finding if they have an Instagram or Facebook and messaging them. 
  3. Intramural Sports: This is what this blog will focus on! 

CMS Recreation has just over 20 intramural sports, including, trivia, inner tube water polo, cornhole, dodgeball, basketball, and soccer to name a few. Participation is open to any students, faculty, and staff from Claremont McKenna, Harvey Mudd, and Scripps Colleges. I will outline how you can join, create teams and participate in intramurals during your time at Scripps.

  • Logistics: 

There are a total of 4 seasons of intramurals in the year. As there are seasons, different semesters have different options for students to participate in and others run all year. Typically these groups do not have any practices and will have up to 3 games a week at a range of times. It is not required that all members of the team participate in each match but you need enough to compete. 

  • Who can participate?

As one student you can participate on 2 different teams within the same sport but no more than that. While Pomona-Pitzer campus recreation offers similar and many of the same sports as CMS it is offered at different times of the year. Because of this Pomona-Pitzer students can join a CMS team for the majority of intramural sporting events. If you are currently a member of a varsity sport or practicing/working out with a varsity team you are unable to participate in the equivalent intramural sport. An exception is made for seniors who are not in season but there can only be one per team. Each team can have no more than three individuals who are currently on the roster for a club sport if it is the equivalent intramural sport that they wish to join. 

  • How to Participate? 

Students can participate with a created team, alone and join an existing team, or on a dorm team. If you wish to join with a team, you can go to a specific website and sign up for all the sports you want to and put in a team name and the dates/times you want to/ can play. If you do not already have a team or group you want to play with you can register online as a free agent and be placed on a team. Finally, each dorm has a Rec Rep who can be found through the CMS recreation office and can create teams within the dorm. 

Hopefully, this blog post was able to provide helpful information on intramural sports at Scripps College! My friends and I really enjoy taking part in them and have a lot of fun competing against other friends and classmates. If you have any further questions, you can email me at: [email protected]. I can try to answer the questions and also can put you in contact with others who might have more specific answers for you. 

Stay tuned for more blog posts from the admissions ambassadors!