My Financial Aid Award

If you are admitted to Scripps College and have applied for aid, you will receive a financial aid notification along with your offer of admission.

If you receive financial aid, your award will normally include grants, loans and student employment, as well as any scholarships you may have been awarded by Scripps College Office of Admission. If you have notified us of any outside agency scholarships that you know you will receive, those will be included as well.

We are committed to meeting 100 percent of the demonstrated need of each aid applicant based on an individual evaluation. We make this determination using the information you provide on your financial aid application and take into consideration any special circumstances you may have shared.

If you are admitted to Scripps College, you will be given access to your online financial aid award at My Financial Aid. You will be able to view, accept and/or decline your award on this site.

Scripps College will not match financial aid awards from other colleges or universities to which you have been admitted. However, if you have a question about how we calculated your Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) or if your family’s financial circumstances have changed since you filed your initial application, please contact us and we can review your application with you.  

The status of all documents, received or still missing, may be reviewed on the Documents page of your Financial Aid Portal. Only admitted students will have access to the My Financial Aid portal. Remember to check your documents tab often for requirements that may have been recently added.

We typically expect first-year students to work 8-10 hours per week. For more information on student employment contact Career Planning & Resources.

If you receive an outside scholarship at any time before or during the academic year, you must notify the Scripps College Financial Aid Office. Federal, state and institutional regulations require the Financial Aid Office to consider all student and parent income, assets and outside resources when determining your eligibility for financial aid.

Institutional policy states that outside scholarships will first replace the student’s self-help (loans and/or work study) awards where available, thus reducing the amount a student may need to borrow or work. Following the reduction of self-help aid, we will also allow outside scholarships to help cover your student income contribution. If the total of your outside scholarship(s) exceeds your self-help awards and student contribution, we may be required to reduce other forms of aid including Scripps Grant.

An appeal should be submitted when a family can document a significant change in financial circumstances, or if you believe there are special circumstances that were not included/considered on your initial aid application. Please review our page on Appeals and Special Circumstances for detailed information.