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71st Scripps College Ceramics Annual
January 24-April 5, 2015

Julia Haft-Candell, guest curator, presents a selection of hybrid works, including ceramics with other materials, that, as she says, “hint at the familiar and steer toward the indefinable.”

Prison Nation: Posters on the Prison Industrial Complex
March 12-April 9, 2015
Clark Humanities Museum

"Prison Nation" includes posters addressing the critical issues discussed above in keeping with SPG's goal to demonstrate to the general public and to the art world the importance of the political poster and the importance of art to social commentary. The exhibition illustrates the graphic history of past and current prison movements, their causes, challenges and hopes. The dynamic designs cover many of the critical issues surrounding the system of mass incarceration—with a focus on California—including: racial disparity in sentencing, the War on Drugs, immigration, the death penalty, the Three Strikes law, violence against women, access to education and health care, youth incarceration, prison labor, divestment, privatization, torture, and re-entry into the community.

Elise Ferree
March 31, 2015
Tuesday Noon Academy

Professor Ferree talks about the research she and her students have done with golden-orb web spiders to uncover the costs and benefits of being in a group, whether females of all sizes benefit from group living, and how environmental factors influence the decision to cluster.

Public Talk by William Deresiewicz: “What is College For?”
April 1, 2015

William Deresiewicz, the author of Excellent Sheep: The Miseducation of the American Elite and the Way to a Meaningful Life and 2015 Mary Routt Chair of Writing at Scripps, shares his observations about education at the Claremont Colleges and elsewhere.

LASPA Launch celebration
April 2, 2015
LASPA launch

Please join us for a celebration of leadership, integrity, creativity, and service as we launch the LASPA Center at Scripps College. There will be workshops, speaker presentations, and a strolling reception.

Friday Noon Concert
April 3, 2015
Friday Noon Concerts

"20th-Century Duos by Ives and Cameron-Wolfe"