Events at Scripps College

Scripps College – and all the colleges in The Claremont Consortium – supports a robust events calendar for the entire community, including music festivals, distinguished guest speakers, discussions, social events, and more.

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So Much to Do

Most students will tell you what they love most about Scripps is the freedom to explore their interests, and this is what makes the campus such a vibrant community. There is no shortage of arts and events on campus; whether it’s a speaker who challenges convention, an innovative student-directed dance show, or a casual concert on Bowling Green Lawn, life at Scripps is always exciting.


Live Concerts and Performances

Scripps College is a center for world-class music, with internationally renowned musicians and distinguished music faculty performing regularly on campus. Couple that with the Levitt on the Lawn outdoor concert series and regular performances at The Motley Coffeehouse by local bands and student groups, you’ll find there’s always a festive and atmosphere when you visit the College.

Peggy Noonan

Distinguished Speakers

Scripps College invites speakers from a wide variety of academic disciplines and professions to engage our community in significant conversations. Social justice activists, film makers, journalists, musicians, corporate leaders, artists, economists, authors, and more visit Scripps College each year thanks to the generosity of speaker funds endowed by Scripps alumnae, trustees, and families.

Upcoming Events

Distinguished Speaker Series

A. Lee Fritschler, 2014 Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellow · October 2, 2014

Professor Emeritus at the School of Public Policy at George Mason University, Dr. A. Lee Fritschler visits Scripps College to engage both Scripps and the greater Claremont Colleges students, faculty, and administration in a week-long series of discussions, classroom visits, and presentations about the future of higher education.

The Humanities Institute

Faculty Seminar: David Cubek, “Venezuelan Silences” · October 2, 2014

Public Talk: Pete Brook, “Prison Silences” · October 2, 2014

Founded in 1986, the Humanities Institute presents a thematic program each semester about a topic related to the humanities. These programs include conferences, lectures, exhibitions, performances, and film series and bring together both well-established and cutting-edge scholars.

Noon Academy Lectures

Gretchen Edwalds-Gilbert · October 7, 2014

Professor Gretchen Edwalds-Gilbert will speak about the ways cells deal with stress brought about by various factors, particularly chemicals to which people are frequently exposed – food preservatives BHA and BHT, and BPA, now banned from most plastic bottles but commonly found in store receipts.

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