Outstanding Recent Alumna Award

The Outstanding Recent Alumna Award was established in 1992 to honor an alumna still in the early stages of her life’s work, but who nonetheless has “used her Scripps education in the quest for personal excellence; demonstrated a willingness to seek out challenges and take risks; and has maintained loyalty to the Scripps community.”

Latest Recipient: Kateri Dodds Simpson '04

Kateri Dodds Simpson graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Scripps College in 2004. In 2006 she began teaching high school English in East Oakland, where she is continually amazed by the potential, resilience, and strength of the students she has the privilege of teaching.

After several years of informal college access work with undocumented students, Kateri collaborated with students and educators to found East Oakland DREAMers. This non-profit organization provides academic and financial support for undocumented high school and college students—spreading empowering information about the Dream Act, Deferred Action, and financial aid. To do this important work, East Oakland DREAMers provides leadership training and a peer-to-peer mentoring program that matches college DREAMers with high school youth.

In 2013, Kateri and her students were recipients of the California Teachers Association’s Youth Activist Award for their education and advocacy efforts. Kateri and one of her students were also panelists at the Educators 4 Fair Consideration National Conference in January 2014.

Through East Oakland DREAMers, Kateri has raised nearly $40,000 to cover critical post-secondary expenses–such as legal support, tuition, rent, and meals. Currently, East Oakland DREAMERS consists of 20 college students, and 50 high school students, many of whom would be unable to afford or attend college without this support.

When Kateri is not teaching about comma splices or organizing field trips, she spends her time hiking around the woods of Richmond, CA with her 2 year old son, James, and partner, Kent.

All Recipients

  Alumna Position
2014 Kateri Dodds Simpson '04
2013 Annelise Cohon '07
2012 Veronica Gledhill '06 Fashion Stylist and Editorial Consultant
2011 Vanessa Lee '98 Attorney
2010 Amy Drayer '99 Associate Director, GLBT Community Center of Colorado
2009 Jenny Sedlis '04 Harlem Success Academy
2008 Gina Brownstein '99 Founder and Executive Director, Five 4 Five
2007 Jennifer Minasian Trotoux '92 Architectural historian and historic preservation planner
2006 Kelly St. John Regier '96 Journalist and Documentary Film Maker
2005 Karen Deutsch '97 Humanitarian
2004 Gabrielle Giffords '93 United States Representative (D-AZ)
2000 Yvette Herrera '85 Marketing Executive and Community Volunteer
1998 Karen Tse '86 Human Rights Activist
1997 Johanna Greenberg '85 Veterinarian and Artist
1996 Linda Himmelstein '84 Journalist
1995 Christine Lippert '82 Chef
1994 Victoria Amour-Hileman '79 Lay Missioner
1993 Hannah Nyala '91 Anthropologist
1992 Amy Wind '77 Civil Rights Lawyer