Weekend of Giving: Nothing is Impossible

With an initial goal of reaching 300 donors between June 20-22 to secure $100,000 from three trustees, the Weekend of Giving proved that Scripps is capable of something much greater. The Scripps community stepped up to achieve 300 donors before the end of the weekend and reached just shy of 1,000 gifts when given an extra 2 days to achieve the second challenge.

Weekend of Giving Participation List

To showcase our Weekend of Giving Donors and their commitment to providing opportunities for our students, click here to view the Weekend of Giving Participation List. Please know that we did our very best to make this list as accurate as possible. Please contact us at scrippsfund@scrippscollege.edu if your name is missing or for any other corrections.

Thank You!

Please enjoy this thank you audio poem that expresses our deepest gratitude for your gifts during the Weekend of Giving:

Final Results: 985 Gifts

From our donors $257,667
From our trustees $175,000
Total $432,667

All of us yearn to be a part of something meaningful and bigger than ourselves…

Last month, our Scripps community gave testament to this statement through Scripps College’s first ever, Weekend of Giving.

Weekend of Giving was made possible by three Scripps trustees: Roger and Michele Engemann P’93 & P’96, Leslie Lassiter ’77 and Stephanie Rasines ’71, whom challenged the Scripps community to do just that – be part of something meaningful and larger than ourselves.

The initial June 20-June 22 challenge was simple: gain 300 donors in 3 days would equate to $100,000 from our three trustees. Upon the third day of the Weekend of Giving, a new challenge was proposed: a two day extension to reach 500 more gifts would unlock an additional $75,000 from our trustees.

Weekend of Giving spawned participation through our community’s time, talent, and treasure. Scripps community members engaged in sharing their time as they spread the word by reposting an abundance of Scripps College social media posts. Students lent their talents by eloquently expressing the large impact of the Scripps community through their gifts to The Scripps Fund in the Weekend of Giving video. Ultimately, over 900 donors graciously gave their treasure to Scripps College, the gem we hold dear to our hearts.

The result: 985 gifts, $257,667, and an additional $175,000 from our ambitious trustees.

Every one of the 985 gifts displayed 985 votes of confidence in the bright future of Scripps College  – our students. Thank you for your vote of confidence, and thank you for making our first Weekend of Giving a tremendous success.

Check it out

Want to see how your gifts during the Weekend of Giving have impacted our students? Watch this video about our students!