Inclusive Student Success

Advising 360

Build a robust team that integrates academic and other forms of advising to help students navigate the entirety of their experience.

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Bridge to Community

Redesign the ways we introduce new students to the Scripps community by better emphasizing the joys and responsibilities of the strong relationships possible at Scripps.

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IDEA 2.0

Build a stronger, more inclusive community in which members understand, appreciate, and learn from each other’s differences of identity, experience, and access to resources. IDEA 2.0 will cultivate a greater sense of belonging and enable our students to build more diverse, accessible, equitable communities in their lives after graduation..

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Presidential Scholarship

Delivering on the Scripps invitation to success and achievement by enabling all students to fully participate in the Scripps experience regardless of financial resources.

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Innovative Learning Organization

Interdisciplinary Computational Programs

Provide our students with the computer science and applied technology skills to be leaders in all fields. Our unique approach will be women-centric and interdisciplinary.

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Public Humanities

Lead in demonstrating the necessity of the humanities to developing interdisciplinary, humane solutions to the world’s most complex problems. We will take advantage of existing curricula, programs, and expertise to create new opportunities for collective/community-driven innovation.

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Staff Leadership Program

...Description Coming soon

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Distinctive Identity

Institutional Culture

Empower all members of our community to own Scripps’ legacy and become personally invested in the College’s reputation. Strengthen the bonds between the College and its constituents to expand our community of enthusiastic ambassadors and benefactors.

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Maximize Campus

Create a comprehensive business plan to identify mission-aligned partners who will help us achieve our goals in terms of revenue generation, reach, and reputation with audiences who share our values. Scripps will become a destination campus where discovery, community, and creativity coexist every day.

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Mission Driven Outreach

Alumnae & Donor Travel

Establish a program that harnesses our talented and dedicated faculty to provide lifelong, worldwide learning for our extended network of alumnae and donors. Participants will engage with Scripps faculty in what Scripps does best—lead generative and illuminating conversations about the human condition as informed by great authors and artists, history, and culture.

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Alumnae Shared Housing

...Description coming soon

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External Partnerships

Engage with the greater L.A. area to cultivate possibilities for intellectual and cultural exchange. Partner with individuals and organizations to bring Scripps to the world and the world to Scripps.

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