Innovative Learning Organization

Student writing on a board in classroom at Scripps, Claremont California

The arts and humanities will always be at Scripps’ core, even as the context, tools, and methodology for nurturing critical thinking, conversation, and the exploration of ideas shift over time.

In the next decade, we will employ innovative strategies to take advantage of 21st-century approaches to education while preserving what is best about our traditions.

Current Initiatives

Interdisciplinary Computational Programs

Provide our students with the computer science and applied technology skills to be leaders in all fields. Our unique approach will be women-centric and interdisciplinary.

Public Humanities

Lead in demonstrating the necessity of the humanities to developing interdisciplinary, humane solutions to the world’s most complex problems. We will take advantage of existing curricula, programs, and expertise to create new opportunities for collective/community-driven innovation.

Staff Leadership Program

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