Mission Driven Outreach

Guest speaker at a Scripps College event in claremont, California

The world that Scripps students occupy today is dramatically different than the one that existed when the College was founded almost a century ago—and today’s students are radically different from those who will attend Scripps a decade from now.

As the pace of change continues to accelerate, we must ensure that Scripps’ mission endures and that our students continue to graduate prepared to “contribute to society through public lives of leadership, service, integrity, and creativity.”

We will develop partnerships, programs, and spaces that connect Scripps to the dynamic social fabric of Los Angeles, the Inland Empire, and Southern California, harnessing the power of our students, faculty, and alumnae to generate solutions to the world’s most complex problems and to extend Scripps’ legacy of societal impact into the next 100 years.

Current Initiatives

Alumnae and Donor Travel

Establish a program that harnesses our talented and dedicated faculty to provide lifelong, worldwide learning for our extended network of alumnae and donors. Participants will engage with Scripps faculty in what Scripps does best—lead generative and illuminating conversations about the human condition as informed by great authors and artists, history, and culture.

Alumnae Shared Housing

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External Partnerships

Engage with the greater L.A. area to cultivate possibilities for intellectual and cultural exchange. Partner with individuals and organizations to bring Scripps to the world and the world to Scripps.