In the Media: Barbara Arnwine ’73 Discusses Issues of Election Protection with Who.What.Why

Barbara Arnwine ’73, president and founder of the Transformative Justice Coalition, discussed issues of voter suppression and election protection on Who.What.Why’s Scrutineers Series podcast. She noted the various ways in which voters of color have been disenfranchised and added that people need to ensure that others in their communities remain registered to vote. “Mostly we’ve said to people, ‘Be a great voter . . . register and vote,'” Arnwine said. “But we need to also say to people that in this time, we need you to also be an advocate, where you help others, where you’re calling up your family members, you’re calling your friends, your colleagues, and saying, ‘Are you registered? Have you checked your voter registration status? Let’s make sure that you are registered. Let’s make sure you haven’t been purged. Let’s make sure you’re not sitting on an inactive list.'”