Student Communication Reminder: Returning to Campus in 2023

January 11, 2023

Dear Students,

Happy New Year! We hope everyone had a wonderful winter break thus far. As we prepare to come back to campus, we want to take this opportunity to share some updates and reminders. In this communication, you will find the following:

  • Reporting Positivity During Winter Break
  • Filling ill: Please Stay Home
  • Reminder: Mandatory COVID-19 Testing after Winter Break

Reporting COVID-19 Positivity During Winter Break

Student Health Services (SHS) has reopened and SHS Contact Tracers have returned for the Spring Semester. If you were positive for COVID-19 during the break prior to Monday, January 9th, 2023, please notify Shawnice Ross. Any positive COVID-19 cases after January 9th must be reported to SHS Contact Tracers. Please email Contact Tracers and cc’ Shawnice Ross. All students who fail to properly notify the College will not be excused from mandatory testing upon your return to campus.

Feeling ill: Please Stay Home

As a reminder, if you are feeling ill, please do not return to campus. The CDC recommends that people stay home if they are sick with flu-like illness until at least 24 hours after they are free of a fever (100 degrees Fahrenheit or 38 degrees Celsius) or signs of a fever (chills, feeling very warm, have a flushed appearance, or are sweating). This should be determined without the use of fever-reducing medicines (any medicine that contains ibuprofen or acetaminophen). If you are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms, please report those it to your medical professional. In addition, please email Shawnice Ross and Scripps Testing.

Reminder: Mandatory COVID-19 Testing after Winter Break

If you are a student athlete or student with an early arrival date back to campus, please note that you are expected to test once at SHS/Vending Machine starting on Monday, January 9th.

ALL students (including early arrivals) are expected to test the first two weeks of the semester (weeks of January 16th and January 23rd). If you are arriving late or will not be on campus at that time, please notify Shawnice Ross and email cc’ Scripps Testing so that they can work with you accordingly.

For updates and information pertaining to COVID-19 for students, please visit Scripps Strong. Thank you all in advance for your time and we hope you enjoy your remaining time off.

Best Regards,

Adriana di Bartolo-Beckman
Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs

Shawnice Ross
COVID-19 Student Affairs Service Coordinator and DOS Projects Manager