For Students

Local and national guidance regarding health and safety measures has continued to evolve throughout the summer. The following reflects the most comprehensive and accurate information available to date for Scripps students.

Additionally, all students and employees will be required to download the Healthfully app and participate in regular health screenings. If you are feeling sick, have been deemed a close contact, or have been recently diagnosed with COVID-19, please call the Scripps helpline immediately at (909) 308-2711.

Q: How has the campus prepared for a fall return?

A: The Facilities Department has been working throughout the past year to prepare the campus for a fall return. They will continue to work throughout the summer to complete preparation, which includes plexiglass, signage, air filtration system upgrades, increased cleaning, etc. For more information, refer to the Return to Campus Plan.

Q: Are all Scripps students required to receive a COVID-19 vaccination?

A: In alignment with the other colleges in the consortium, all Scripps students are required to be vaccinated, whether living in Scripps housing or not; this includes the COVID vaccine, prior to your arrival on campus in the fall. Domestic vaccines that are approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) are Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson.

Please upload vaccination and medical records through the Student Health Services Portal. You may request exemptions for a medical reason or religious objection here.

Q: Are flu shots required this fall?

A: Yes, all students will be required to receive the flu shot. Student Health Services will be hosting flu clinics for Scripps College.

Q: How do I demonstrate proof of vaccination? By when do I need to submit my completed health forms?

A: As with other required immunizations, a record of your vaccines should be provided to Student Health Services (SHS). Please upload vaccination and medical records through the Student Health Services Portal. You may request exemptions for a medical reason or religious objection here.

New students must have their physician complete a more comprehensive health form, located here. Once completed, please follow instructions for uploading or sending the form to SHS.

If you are a returning student and do not have a completed health form on file with SHS, you will be expected to provide the form prior to fall arrival. Further questions regarding immunizations and vaccines should be directed to Student Health Services.

Q: What are the testing protocols for vaccinated students and employees?

A: President Marcus-Newhall announced on August 30 an update to the Scripps College testing protocol. ALL vaccinated students, faculty, and staff will be tested once a week beginning the week of September 6. To comply with this requirement, all students, faculty, and staff must download the Healthfully app.

Q: What are the testing protocols for unvaccinated students and employees?

A: Unvaccinated students and employees will be required to be tested twice a week.

Q: Do invited guests to campus have to be vaccinated?

A: Invited guests to the Scripps campus for academic activities or College events must show documentation of having received a COVID-19 vaccine recognized by the World Health Organization and attest on a College form that the guest has not experienced any COVID-19 symptoms in the 72 hours before arriving on campus. The division inviting the guest to campus shall be responsible for administration of these protocols.

Q: How do I make a testing appointment?

A: All Scripps COVID screening test scheduling will be done through the Healthfully app. All testing for Scripps College scheduled by Scripps will be located at the College’s COVID testing center, located at the 240 House on E. 11th Street. Scripps Weekly Testing Center is for screening testing only.

The testing center will be expanding its service to include drop-in testing times for students over the next few weeks.  If you have any questions regarding testing, please contact Scripps Testing.  If you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or have been identified as a close contact, please follow the directions below for symptomatic testing or guidance from Student Health Services (SHS) Contact Tracers.

Q: How will I get my test results?

A: You will be notified of your test results through the Healthfully app, email, and/or a phone call from a triage nurse. Students will receive test results in real time from the lab process for all COVID-19 tests for the Claremont Colleges, usually in less than 24 hours.

Q: What do I do if my test result is positive?

A: Students who test positive will be informed by Student Health Services. If a student receives a positive test result, they should contact the Dean on-call immediately to inform the DOC of the test result and begin the process to move into isolation.

Q: Can I get same-day testing?

A: In addition to the weekly required regular screening testing at Scripps, all Scripps students can visit one of the three Student Health Services (SHS) Testing Sites to get tested without an appointment. Below are the testing sites and times:

  • Tranquada Center – NE Patio: Hours: Monday-Friday 7:30am – 4:30pm, Closed for lunch from noon to 1:00pm daily
  • Pomona College – Walker Hall Hours: Monday-Friday 7:30am – 5:00pm
  • Harvey Mudd College – Hoch-Shanahan Dining Commons East Patio: Monday – Friday 7:30am – 4:30pm, Closed for lunch from noon to 1:00pm daily

More information about how to prepare for your test can be found on the SHS Screening page or you can watch this short video. If you experience any problems with testing at SHS, please reach out to me directly.

Q: What if I’m experiencing COVID-like symptoms?

A: Any student, regardless of vaccination status, who is experiencing COVID-like symptoms should make an appointment at Student Health Services (SHS) immediately by calling (909) 621-8222. Students should schedule an appointment to see a provider to discuss their symptoms and get a COVID test. A SHS provider will provide guidance on next steps. We are approaching cold and flu season; students may experience symptoms that are not related to COVID; however, we suggest making an appointment with SHS to have a provider assess symptoms.

Q: Where is the Scripps testing center?

A: The 240 House, located at 240 E. 11th Street.

Q: Which students are required to isolate?

A: Any student, regardless of vaccination status, who tests positive, will be required to isolate. The College has acquired isolation and quarantine spaces adjacent to the College. All students in isolation will receive support from many departments across campus. SHS will provide daily medical monitoring and check-ins; Malott Commons will be delivering food daily; and the student’s Primary Contact Dean will work with each student to ensure they are connected to their faculty and other support and resources during their time in isolation. Students who test positive for COVID-19 will immediately enter the contact tracing process through SHS to identify and notify close contacts.

If a student tests positive that student will be contacted by the location where they received the test. If a student has tested at SHS or the Scripps testing center, they will receive a call with further instructions from the provider.  The Dean on-call (DOC) will also be notified. The DOC will work with the student to move them efficiently and quickly to an isolation space. A student should pack all items they will need for 10-12 days while they will be in isolation. As stated above, food will be delivered by Malott Commons. If a student gets a COVID test at an off-campus location and they received a positive result, they should call the DOC immediately to begin the process in moving to isolation space.

Q: What is modified quarantine vs. quarantine? 

A: An update to the College’s quarantine and isolation protocols is any asymptomatic and vaccinated student who has been named a close contact with someone positive for COVID-19 will be put on modified quarantine status per guidance released from LACDPH on August 6th.

Students on modified quarantine will:

  • Be able to stay in their current residence, attend class and other functions essential to academics, attend appointments at SHS, and pick up food from Malott Commons or the mobile pickup station,
  • Not move around campus except for attending to the above functions,
  • Be able to use shared bathrooms,
  • Remain masked at all times except when brushing teeth, showering, actively drinking and eating, or when sleeping,
  • Not be able to participate in any social events on or off campus,
  • Be expected to get a COVID Test from SHS when indicated, usually between five (5) days after exposure, and
  • Follow all guidance from SHS and the College.

If the test comes back negative, students will be released from modified quarantine per SHS approval. If the test comes back positive, the student will be immediately moved into a College isolation space.

If a vaccinated student has symptoms, they will be required to quarantine in the College’s isolation and quarantine location. As with students in isolation, they will be monitored by SHS, receive support from their PCD, and receive food from Malott Commons. Students will be expected to get a COVID test from SHS when indicated. Students will be released from SHS upon assessment of symptoms.

Q: What if I’ve been in close contact with someone positive with COVID-19?

A: All unvaccinated students who have been a close contact with a person positive with COVID-19 or symptomatic will be moved into a quarantine space. Students will be expected to get a COVID test from SHS when indicated, usually between 3-5 days after exposure. If the test is negative, students will be required to stay in quarantine for the duration of the recommended quarantine time (10 – 12 days). If the unvaccinated student tests positive for COVID-19, they will be considered in isolation and immediately enter the contact tracing process by SHS to identify and notify close contacts.

Q: What is considered a close contact?

A: A student will be considered a “close contact” if they have been exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID-19. Exposure is defined as being within six (6) feet of someone with COVID-19 for a total of 15 minutes or more over a 24-hour period; or being exposed to bodily fluids with someone with COVID-19. Exposure to bodily fluids includes coughs or sneezes and saliva from sharing a drink or utensils or kissing.

For more information: Refer to the Student Health Services COVID-19 Terminology for The Claremont Colleges

Q: What are my meal plan options?

A: Malott Dining is pleased to offer a 19-meal weekly plan option in addition to the five, 12, and 16-meal plans. All students living in Scripps-operated housing will be required to purchase a meal plan. Students living in spaces with personal kitchens will be assigned the five-meal plan and may opt to purchase a larger plan. Students living in residential spaces without personal kitchens will be assigned the 16-meal plan with the option to choose either the 12 or 19-meal plan.

Q: May I change my meal plan?

Students have until September 10, 2021, to make changes to their meal plans. Questions regarding dining options should be referred to

Q: Will I be able to use my meal plan at the other Claremont Colleges? Will cross-campus dining be available?

A: For the safety of all, Scripps faculty, students, and staff will be expected to dine at the Malott Commons (or take their meals to-go) and will not be able to dine at any of the other Colleges’ dining facilities. Scripps, in conjunction with the other Claremont Colleges, will continue to assess dining options as relevant guidelines and requirements continue to evolve.

Q: When are meals served in the Malott Commons?

A: Monday-Friday: breakfast (7:30-9:30am); lunch (11am-1:30pm); dinner (5-8pm). Saturday-Sunday: brunch (10am-2pm); dinner (5-7pm)

Q: May I re-enter Malott Commons during mealtimes?

A: Yes, students are able to re-enter during mealtimes to get more food. Students will be required to swipe but will it will not count as a meal deduction during that meal period.

Q: May I re-enter Malott Commons between mealtimes?

A: Yes, students may re-enter in between mealtimes. Students will be required to swipe but will it will not count as a meal deduction during that meal period. Re-entry during each meal period is unlimited.

Q: When are the mealtimes?

A: Monday-Friday: breakfast (7:30-11am); lunch (11am-5pm); dinner (5-8pm). Saturday-Sunday: brunch (10am-5pm); dinner (5-7pm).

Q: Which food stations are open during and after mealtimes?

A: All stations are open during mealtimes. There are grab-n-go options, salad, Oasis, and grill stations available after the mealtimes have ended.

Q: Are face coverings required while on campus?

A: In Los Angeles County, individuals two years of age and older must wear a mask in all indoor places (including indoor/outdoor classrooms), whether they have been vaccinated or not. Masks are not required inside a student’s individual residence hall room, suite, or apartment. Those areas are considered your “household.”  Any 7C student visiting a Scripps College residential hall must wear a mask at all times.

Per the most recent LACDPH guidance, masks will be required for all large outdoor public gatherings. As we continue to monitor the transmission rates in LA county, the College strongly encourages students to wear masks outside when they cannot adequately keep their distance. Please keep a mask with you at all times; it is better to be prepared!

Q: Where can I obtain a mask on campus?

A: Students will be given two washable masks in their welcome back bags. Disposable masks will be available in Student Affairs’ offices. Students are also encouraged to bring masks from home.

Q: Are face coverings required for outdoor gatherings?

A: Per the most recent LACDPH guidance, masks will be required for all large outdoor gatherings. Currently, wearing a mask outdoors is optional in all other situations.

Q: Am I required to wear a mask inside my residence hall room?

A: Masks are not required inside a student’s individual residence hall room, suite, or apartment. Those areas are considered your “household.”

Q: Will other 7C students visiting my residence hall be required to wear a mask?

A: Any 7C student visiting a Scripps College residential hall must wear a mask at all times.

Q: What is the current guest policy for residential halls?

A: As outlined in the Scripps College Student Community Compact, we have updated our guest policy for residential halls. Scripps students will have access to their assigned Scripps housing as well as other Scripps housing. Students may invite students from the other Claremont Colleges into their residential space, in accordance with the residential guest policy. All 7C guests must follow masking guidelines while in Scripps housing. Students may not invite/permit outside guests to campus or inside their residential space, including but not limited to families, non-7C friends, and food/grocery delivery services. The College will establish designated drop-off/pick-up locations on campus for deliveries and/or rideshare services.

Q: What decisions have been made about 5C social events?

A: The five undergraduate colleges have decided there will be no 5C parties or other large student-run social events until after the 5C Club and Org Fair, what was once known as Turf Dinner, on September 21. This allows a full three weeks for the campus to build community and establish its institutional policies with students before opening events up to the broader 5C community.

Q: Are there any events open to the public this fall?

A: Most events that are open to the public will remain virtual this fall. Any in-person events at Scripps that are typically open to the public will be held outdoors and open only to students, faculty, and staff of The Claremont Colleges. Your College-issued ID will be required for entry to the event.

Q: What do the new Student and Exchange and Visitor Program rules mean for students studying on F-1 visas?

A: The College continues to keep apprised of any developments relative to the Student and Exchange and Visitor Program (SEVP) and will notify international students should there be any changes impacting the current semester. Assistant Dean Deb Gisvold is the Primary Contact Dean for new and returning international students. Please let her know if there is any immediate assistance the College might be able to provide.

Q: Are there new restrictions on travel to the United States from abroad?

A: Yes. Effective January 26, 2021, the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will require all air passengers entering the United States (including US citizens and Legal Permanent Residents) to present a negative COVID-19 test, taken within three calendar days of departure or proof of recovery from the virus within the last 90 days​. Airlines must confirm the negative test result or proof of recovery for all passengers two years of age and over prior to boarding. ​Airlines must deny boarding of passengers who do not provide documentation of a negative test or recovery from COVID-19.

Please see CDC’s FAQ for answers to questions about the new requirement for proof of negative COVID-19 test or recovery from COVID-19 for all air passengers arriving in the United States.

Q: I’m an international student who’s been vaccinated outside the US. Will Student Health Services accept my vaccination?

A: At this time, Student Health Services follows the CDC/LACDPH guidance from the World Health Organization (WHO) for authorized vaccines. The CDC’s guidance document states that only people who have received all recommended doses of an FDA-authorized or WHO-listed COVID-19 vaccine are considered fully vaccinated for the purpose of public health guidance. The World Health Organization (WHO) website lists all vaccines currently authorized by the WHO. Please note that while the Sinopharm/BIBP vaccine is authorized by WHO, the Sinopharm/WIBP vaccine has not been authorized. The WHO will update their site as new information becomes available. Additional information from the CDC is available here.

We understand that some international students may not have access to a WHO-authorized vaccine. Students who are unable to be fully vaccinated by the deadline should reach out to their Primary Contact Dean by July 5th. For further questions regarding vaccines and other support from Student Health Services, please visit the SHS website.

Q: I have a question about my visa. To whom should I reach out?

For questions regarding visas, please contact Kelly Hogencamp, Registrar and Principal Designated School Official (PDSO), or visit the Registrar’s International Students website here.

Q: Are tutors and note-takers available for students needing them?

A: Yes. The Scripps Tutoring Program provides free tutoring for any Scripps student who is enrolled in any course within The Claremont Colleges. Tutoring is a peer-based, one-on-one or small group service that will be held virtually this semester. All tutoring services are based on tutor availability and requests are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. Students may request the services of a tutor through the program. All tutor inquiries should be directed to

MathSpot is a program offered by the Scripps Tutoring Program that provides drop-in tutoring for Scripps College math classes throughout the semester. The service is available for any student enrolled in a Scripps math course. MathSpot will be held virtually this semester every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. PST.

Additional requests should be directed to the Office of Academic Services at

Q: What support and services are provided by the Writing Center?

A: For information about the range of support and services available to students, please contact Writing Center Director Glenn Simshaw.

Q: What accommodation resources are available?

A: Students interested in exploring the accommodation process should contact the Office of Academic Resources and Services (ARS)—click here to learn more.

Q: What should I do if I think I’m getting sick?

A: You might experience symptoms that would normally be attributed to cold and flu but are now read as COVID-19 symptoms. If you begin to experience any symptoms, the first and most important thing to do is to remain calm. There is close to a 99% vaccination rate at all of the Claremont Colleges; chances are much higher that symptoms are from a diagnosis other than COVID-19.

Q: What mental health services are available to students?

A: Monsour Counseling and Psychological Services hours of operation are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Scripps students may access services online. Additionally, Scripps is continuing its Off-Campus Therapy Referral (OCTR) Program that connects students to approved counselors in their respective communities and provides financial assistance to those students needing help paying counselor fees. Currently, many therapists have an online or telephone option.

Q: What student medical services are available?

A: The Claremont Colleges have contracted with TimelyMD, a provider of online medical and counseling services. To access these services, students should visit the Campus.Health website or download the free TimelyMD mobile app for Apple or Android. Create a profile and at checkout, enter Scripps’ coupon code SCRIPPS2020.

Additional medical support:

Students can call Scripps College Nurse triage line at (909) 308-2711. The nurse triage is available daily from 7:00am – 8:00pm Monday – Friday and from 9:00am – 2:00pm on Saturday and Sunday. The Scripps College nurse will be able help students evaluate symptoms and advise on testing. Based on assessment of symptoms, the nurse triage will advise the student on next steps for testing and/or isolation or quarantine. The nurse will provide any necessary update to the College via the Dean on-call, so students are supported in adhering to the recommendation.

Students can contact Student Health Services (SHS) on weekdays to schedule an appointment to see a provider to discuss their symptoms and get a COVID test. If a student received a test from a SHS test tent COVID and do not see a provider, the student will not receive a medical evaluation regarding symptoms. Based on assessment of symptoms, a SHS provider will advise the student on isolation or quarantine and provide an update to the College via the Dean on-call so students are supported in adhering to the recommendation.

Q: What other student wellness resources are available?

A: We have increased resources dedicated to student wellness. Through 7C.Health, on-demand 24/7 virtual medical visits will continue to be available to students. Students may schedule counseling with the same provider for up to 12 sessions.

Student mental health support will come from a variety of sources, including Monsour, Scripps Off-Campus Therapy Referral (OCTR) program, and TalkNow, an on-demand 24/7 tele-counseling option available to both domestic and international students. TalkNow is not just for students in crisis.

Telemedicine and tele-counseling access are being provided at no additional cost to enrolled students. OCTR, overseen by our Case Management Office, provides subsidies of up to $75 per session to cover counseling costs for a local therapist, many of whom will provide services through online platforms. Because we will not be together in Claremont this spring, students may choose to treat with a therapist in their area.

Wellness programming will continue to extend beyond physical and mental well-being. Be sure to check out the Tiernan Field House wellness resources for information on how you can get involved and stay well during the academic year!

For additional information regarding resources and how to access them, please refer to the Scripps Resource Guide for Students.