Life at Scripps

Prospective students look at Scripps College because of its incomparable liberal arts education, but once they visit campus, the decision to stay gets even easier. “I got here and it was a done deal,” says one sophomore during a recent campus tour.

Scripps has everything a small liberal arts college in Southern California can offer:activities, clubs, new friends from around the globe, ideal weather, delicious food, picturesque spaces, quiet and active, and busy spaces providing an ideal setting for active participation and self-expression. It is, in a word, welcoming.

Life at Scripps

Humanities Courtyard

Take a group of smart, confident, and involved young women. Put them in a community that is tight-knit, supportive, collaborative, and with unparalleled role models and leadership opportunities. The results will impress you.

Scripps students pursue their passions through their involvement in a wide range of activities at Scripps and the other Claremont Colleges. At Scripps, women hold all of the leadership positions in student government, clubs, and organizations. They have the opportunity to gain real-world experience and managerial skills working in the Scripps Store or The Motley—the College’s student-run coffeehouse.

Scripps students explore their interests and find their voices in an intellectually stimulating community layered with social opportunities to get to know others — and themselves. The size of the community invites close relationships among our students as well as between students and faculty and conversations started in the classroom often carry over to the dining hall and in casual interactions with faculty at the College’s weekly tea or pick-up soccer game.

A Glimpse into Scripps’ Beauty

Scripps College and the San Gabriel MountainsImagine gazing out your classroom window onto a courtyard with huge sycamore trees and Shakespearean characters sculpted in bas-relief. Or walking from your American literature class the Bette Cree Edwards Humanities Building to your chemistry class in the W.M. Keck Science Department on a path lined with quotations from famous scientific and literary minds.

On your way back to your residence hall, it’s easy to stop and pick some juicy oranges, fragrant roses, or ripe olives. (In 2013, Scripps produced olive oil from its campus trees and won Best of Show in the delicate, domestic category in the Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition.)

Not far from the grove of old olive trees by the writing center is Margaret Fowler Memorial Garden, a remarkable and serene place in the heart of campus featuring murals by acclaimed painter and muralist Alfredo Ramos Martinez, the “Father of the Mexican Mural Movement of the 20th Century.”